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Energy, Water & Climate Change

Better Solutions for Helping Customers with Financial Difficulties: Energy and Water

1 January 2016

Better Solutions for Helping Customers with Financial Difficulties: Energy and Water.  A cross-sector approach to supporting vulnerable consumers.

Download: Better Solutions for Helping Customers with Financial Difficulties: Energy and Water

The Retail and Exemption Framework: Emerging Issues for Consumers

31 December 2015

The Retail and Exemption Framework: Emerging Issues for Consumers.  A report on the growing concern with consumer protection arrangements for exempt consumers.

This report focuses on the retail and network exemption framework. On-sellers and embedded network operators (who are usually one and the same person) are granted an exemption by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) from obtaining a retailer authorisation, and (separately) an exemption from registration with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) as a distribution business.

Demand Tariffs in South Australia: Report of Consumer Consultations

24 October 2015

In early October  SACOSS held a series of face to face consultations with consumers and consumer representatives to consider SA Power Networks’  (SAPN)  proposed demand tariffs. The aim of these consultations was to inform consumers of the proposed changes and to document their response. These consultations were supplemented by telephone interviews with business consumer 

State of the South Australian Retail Energy Market

1 June 2015

State of the South Australian Retail Energy Market 2014 - A review of retail price deregulation in SA from the perspective of household consumers.

The State of the Energy Market Report is published by SACOSS annually with the 2014 report as the second edition. The purpose of this report is to highlight issues in the retail market that impact on consumers and to provide an overview of the information consumers need to make financially sound decisions regarding retail energy contracts.

Market Power Update Report - A SACOSS Energy Briefing Paper

28 May 2015

South Australian households spend over a billion dollars each year on electricity. The 2-year price freeze negotiated with incumbent electricity supplier AGL by the South Australian Government as part of price deregulation in SA expired on February 1st 2015. South Australians are now solely reliant on a competitive electricity market to contain prices.

SACOSS Smart Meters Master Class - Unlocking the Potential Post-workshop Report

1 May 2015

With the introduction of smart meters firmly on the Australian regulatory and policy making agenda SACOSS believes it is imperative consumers have access to accurate and relevant information in order to make sound decisions regarding the metering mechanisms of their energy supply.

In line with this thinking SACOSS hosted a Smart Meters Master Class in December 2014 with the purpose of bringing together senior energy advocates and topic experts from the energy industry to discuss the pertinent benefits and issues of smart meter technology.

Better Practice Guideline for Energy Retailers

24 March 2015

The Better Practice Guideline for Energy Retailers is a collaborative approach to preventing hardship amongst energy consumers. The objective is to work towards minimising the financial stress experienced by vulnerable energy consumers.  

Download Better Practice Guideline for Energy Retailers

The Death Spiral - Supporting 'On Grid' Consumers Workshop Report

30 November 2014

The SACOSS Death Spiral; Supporting ‘On Grid’ Consumers workshop brought together 30 senior energy market participants from industry, government and the community sector to attempt to reach agreement on a number of key policy initiatives to address the need for ‘on grid’ consumer support in a death spiral scenario.

South Australian Disconnection Project

30 August 2014

A research report into the support the community sector provides to consumers who are at risk of or experience disconnection/restriction from electricity, gas and/or water.

Download South Australian Disconnection Project

Energy Payment Research

16 July 2014

The South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) has released research about energy payments, having surveyed 600 South Australian households by telephone. The research was conducted for SACOSS by Colmar Brunton Research.

Download Energy Payment Research