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Annual Report

SACOSS 76th Annual Report 2022-23

21 November 2023

The 76th Annual Report reflects a busy, challenging and rewarding 12 months for SACOSS. We thank all of our members and allies who have supported and engaged with us over this period as we continue to fight for justice, opportunity and shared wealth for all South Australians.

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SACOSS 75th Annual Report 2021-22

23 November 2022

As another busy year draws to a close, it's timely to reflect on some of the work that has been done across an especially eventful period.

In our 75th Annual Report, we cover a lot of ground: events, advocacy and activity across the 2021-22 financial year and, in honour of our 75 milestone, extracts from past annual reports across the decades.

SACOSS 74th Annual Report 2020-21

23 November 2021

The SACOSS 74rd Annual Report 2020-21 highlights a challenging but rewarding  year. We saw our sector step up as it grappled with increased demand and changed circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we saw state and federal governments step up too, although not always to the degree necessary.

SACOSS 73rd Annual Report 2019-20

16 November 2020

The SACOSS 73rd Annual Report 2019-20 highlights a busy and challenging year, in which SACOSS has continued to provide strong advocacy as the peak body for the non-government health and community services sector in South Australia, speaking up for those most vulnerable in our community at a particularly challenging time not only for the sector, but the people it serves.

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SACOSS 72nd Annual Report 2018-19

20 November 2019

The SACOSS 72nd Annual Report 2018-19 highlights a year of change, and how SACOSS has worked within it to advocate for justice, equality and shared opportunity in South Australia. We have begun working with new governments at both State and Federal levels, though naturally much of our work has focused on our relationships within the State.

SACOSS 70th Annual Report 2016-17

21 November 2017

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Download the extended 2016-17 Financial Statements

SACOSS 69th Annual Report 2015-16

26 October 2016

Download the SACOSS 69th Annual Report

Download the extended 2015-16 Financial Statements

SACOSS 68th Annual Report 2014-15

23 October 2015

SACOSS 67th Annual Report 2013-14

30 June 2014