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Healthy Workplaces

SACOSS has been involved in two healthy workforce projects over the past five years. Both project objectives were to increase organisation capacity to support healthy behaviours by its staff.

Both looked at supporting organisations to develop policies and practices that encourage workers to lead healthier lifestyles.

Workplaces are the perfect place to provide health promotion education and the benefits are both for individual workers but also are good for business. Workplaces that have a health and wellbeing focus see higher productivity and less absenteeism.

The Healthy Workers – Healthy Futures project supported organisations to look at reducing the SNAP risk factors (smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity) and encouraging people to adopt healthy behaviours at work

The Healthy Minds, Healthy Workers project was the development and facilitation of a training package designed to increase organisations awareness and education of mental health issues and how organisations can prevent them or support workers who may be experiencing a mental health issue

Both projects developed resources that would be useful for any organisation who is interested in creating healthy and more resilient workplaces