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Fact Sheets

Briefing Note: COVID-19 and South Australian Jobs

20 May 2020

An analysis of the April 2020 ABS Labour Force data for SA which shows an underlying unemployment rate of 10.8% (not the headline 7.2%) and nearly a quarter of a million South Australians looking for work or more work.

Download: Briefing Note - COVID-19 and SA Jobs

Fact Sheet: Better freedoms or bigger burden?

10 January 2020

On 29 August 2019, the Attorney-General released exposure drafts of three draft bills, which together form a legislative package on religious freedom. On 10 December 2019, the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General released second exposure drafts of the three bills.

SACOSS, together with our colleagues at ACOSS, along with a number of other peak bodies and industry groups, have raised a number of concerns about the exposure draft and its likely impacts on our workplaces and on broader community relations.

Briefing Note: SACOSS' Land Tax and Public Housing Investment Proposal

24 October 2019

Download the Briefing Note: SACOSS Land Tax and Public Housing Proposal

The SACOSS proposals are that the government’s bill be amended to:

Briefing Note: Land Tax Aggregation - Myths and Misdirections

3 October 2019

A quick response to many of the claims and arguments we have heard raised against the proposed changes to land tax aggregation. Download: Land Tax Aggregation - Myths and Misdirections

For the full SACOSS position on the land tax proposal, see our submission on the Draft Land Tax (Miscellaneous) Amendments Bill

Briefing Note: Land Tax Aggregation Changes

9 July 2019

The 2019-20 South Australian State Budget proposed changes to the land tax aggregation - that is, the way land tax is calculated where a person or entity owns multiple properties. The Briefing Note explains the changes which essentially close a loophole used to avoid paying land tax. The changes will contribute an estimated $40m per year to state revenue to pay for vital services.

Briefing Note: New Sector Funding Contracts

8 February 2019

This Briefing Note provides information on the mandated terms and conditions of the new standardised sector funding contracts which will apply to all new not-for-profit procurement and grants. The Note compares the terms in the Grant Agreement and the Service Contract, and provides commentary on key clauses.  There is also a flow-chart relating to screening requirements, although this is tentative as it is hoped that this process will change. It was produced for sector information workshops held in February 2019.

Fact Sheet: Community Sector Peak Bodies

16 October 2018

This is a short Fact Sheet which is an updated summary of a major SACOSS publication in 2011 Unique Peaks: The Definition, Role and Contribution of Peak Organisations in the South Australian Health and Community Services Sector. However, this Fact Sheet updates and revises the categorisation of roles of peak bodies to remove duplication and provide a better reflection of the roles.

Internet Use in South Australia

3 June 2018

Fact Sheet summarising the South Australian data from the ABS survey Household Use of Internet Technology, 2016-17 showing 15% of South Australians don't use the internet, and 17.5% of SA households don't access the internet at home. These, and all other indicators in the data, show South Australia lagging behind national figures.

Download the Fact Sheet: Internet Use in SA

Telecommunications Affordability in Regional South Australia

12 February 2018

From the SACOSS Cost of Living Update No. 33, December Qtr 2017, six Fact Sheets dealing with telecommunications affordability in regional South Australia, and in particular in 5 key regional seats in the 2018 State Election.


Telecommunications Expenditure in Australia

29 November 2017

This Fact Sheet summarises the recent ABS Household Expenditure Survey data on telecommunications expenditure. The Fact Sheet is co-produced with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network.

Download Fact Sheet: Telecommunications Expenditure in Australia