Justice, Opportunity and Shared Wealth for all South Australians

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Stable and secure housing is the primary platform for connection to economic and social community life, providing a base that enables people to overcome challenges and live a decent life. High housing costs limits people’s opportunities more than any other factor. Increasing rents and house prices mean people struggle to stay housed, are forced to live in sub-standard homes or live far from jobs and services, and have difficulty covering other basic living costs.

Providing more affordable housing in South Australia would assist in meeting the needs of people who are homeless or who are at risk of homelessness. Public and community housing is a key part of the provision of affordable housing. This social housing provides homes for those who are left out of the housing market, while an adequate supply of social housing can also impact on the market and make housing more affordable for everyone. However, the numbers of public houses in South Australian has declined over recent decades, many of the houses are old and inefficient, and there is a substantial waiting list for homes.

In 2021, SACOSS is calling for a significant investment ($1.4bn over 4 years) to increase the net stock of public housing in South Australia. Download the policy brief here.

n addition, SACOSS wants to limit the cost of living in relation to housing and is calling for

And as part of our Anti-Poverty Package, SACOSS is calling for