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Practical resources for clients and community members

A list of useful resources has been included here for service providers to provide to their clients or refer their clients to. 


Emergencies and Safety 

This SA Government website provides information and advice on a range of safety issues including weather related emergencies, power outages, cyber security and terrorism.


Disaster recovery 

This SA Government website provides essential information to community members who have been impacted by a disaster and are in the process of recovery, as well as community members who want to provide support to others after a disaster. 


Staying safe and healthy after a flood

SA Health provides some information about the risks after a flood, including snakes, spiders and other pests, as well as contaminated water. Learn how to stay safe when you are cleaning up after flood. Find more info here.


Red Cross 

The Telecross REDi service supports people by calling them daily during declared heatwaves. Telecross REDi is activated by the South Australian Department for Communities & Social Inclusion when an extreme weather event is declared.  

Red Cross also have a huge range of resources to help people prepare for and respond to and recover from disasters. 


Bushfire Survival Plan (CFS) 


The Country Fire Service website provides information on how to plan for and respond to a fire near your home. 


State Emergency Service (SES) 

The State Emergency Service website includes information about heatwaves, floods and storms and contact details for accessing their assistance. 







Published Date: 
Monday, 22 June 2020