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Revisiting the Digital Future: A Thinker Back in Residence


So many aspects of our daily lives now rely on having the capacity to use digital technologies – access to education and services, applying for jobs, organising finances, and connecting with friends and family.

Save the date for this exciting event co-created by SACOSS and Open State

As more and more businesses and government services move online, the pitfalls of being excluded increase – the digital divide becomes wider and goes deeper. This compounds other areas of disadvantage, such as living in a regional area, having a low income or limited educational opportunities and digital skills. These are all factors which mean people are less likely to be included in the digital world.

This session revisits Professor Genevieve Bell’s residency in 2009-10 as one of our key thinkers on South Australia’s digital future. We ask what has changed in our digital engagement, has the NBN arrived and what difference has it made, and who is more or less included?  Click here to book for this free event.