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Energy, Water &Telco Conf: Waged Poor Households

Tuesday, 23 June 2020 - 9:30am


The SACOSS Energy, Water and Telecommunications Conference will be held later this year at the iconic Adelaide Oval, and draws on foundational research conducted by SACOSS on ‘Waged Poor Households’ –  households who are mainly receiving income from salaries and wages, but are nevertheless living below the poverty line.

Our research has found that rising cost of living, underemployment, low wage growth and inadequate income support has meant that paid employment is no longer a shield for keeping people out of poverty. Further, lack of access to affordable energy, water and telecommunications is not only a manifestation of poverty, but it serves to push people further away from work and deeper into poverty.

We have created a program designed to investigate the key drivers of waged poverty, open discussions on how to address these and share in planning a more equitable future for all.

DATE: To be confirmed
WHERE: Adelaide Oval