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Workplace wellbeing strategies & resources

Addressing Smoking in the workplace

Smoking rates among staff in the health and community services sector are frequently high and workplaces can inadvertently either make smoking easy or quitting more difficult, through their policies and practices.  Environmental factors play a key role in shaping and influencing individual behaviour and normalising smoking through provision of designated areas can facilitate and encourage smoking. Creating a smoke free workplace is about providing a supportive environment in which people can maximise their health and wellbeing.

Resources to address smoking in the workplace:


Video 1: Whyalla Aged Care smoke free workplace


Video 2: Hutt St Centre smoke free workplace



Addressing healthy eating in the workplace

Good nutrition is essential throughout life to promote health and prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  The Australian Dietary Guidelines for healthy eating recommend we eat 2 services of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables a day however most Australian’s eat only half this amount.  Workplaces can make healthy eating easy or more difficult through their policies and practices.

Resources to address healthy eating in the workplace:


Video 1: Have your cake and eat it too! Healthy workplace catering made easy


Video 2: Busting common food myths with Louisa Matwiejczyk


Video 3: How to make catering easy! Generating a healthy catering list for your workplace


Addressing Alcohol in the Workplace

Alcohol can help us celebrate successes, but when misused it can cause harm.  In Australia alcohol misuse costs the economy $6 billion annually.  It is important for employers to be aware of their duty of care whenever they provide alcohol, whether at a business meeting, after work drinks or a Christmas party or other celebration.   Around 60% of people with problematic alcohol consumption do not seek help due to the stigma of alcohol dependence.  Workplaces can also take a proactive approach to harm minimisation, safety, education, changing attitudes, referral and treatment.

Resource to address alcohol in the workplace:


Video 1: Alcohol is affecting your Workplace


Video 2: Managing Alcohol in the Workplace - strategies for aged care and community service organisations


Addressing physical activity in the workplace

Physical Activity can help us all to live well and has a positive impact on both mental and physical health.  And yet, almost 60% of Australian’s don’t get enough and a lack of physical activity is the second highest lifestyle-related cause of disease and illness in Australia behind smoking.  The latest Australian Guidelines now include important information about prolonged sitting, which is now recognised as a chronic disease risk factor, irrespective of how much exercise a person does.  There are many things workplaces can do help their staff to move more and set less, from walking groups to team entry into events like the City to Bay.  These initiatives not only influence health and wellbeing, but can be a fantastic team bonding opportunity as well.

Resources to address physical activity and prolonged sitting in the workplace:


Video 1: Reducing prolonged sitting in the workplace


Addressing mental health in the workplace

Mental health impacts our overall wellbeing and quality of life.  Mental health conditions cost Australian employers $10.9 billion every year through absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims.  There is a strong business case for creating mentally healthy and resilient workplaces, every $1 invested in mental health returns $2.30.  Organisations can develop work environments that promote resilience and wellbeing, and encourage help seeking behaviour.

Resources to address mental health in the workplace:


Video: Creating mentally healthy workplaces



Australian Guidelines, Awareness Weeks, Activities and Events



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