Justice, Opportunity and Shared Wealth for all South Australians

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Strategic Plan

Our vision is for justice, opportunity and shared wealth for all South Australians.

SACOSS has a strategic plan covering the years 2022-2027. At its centre is to "Mobilise for justice, opportunity and shared wealth". We have grouped our objectives under two key headings:

Developing a fair and just community

  • Change the narrative - Challenging poverty stereotypes and amplifying the voices of people who experience poverty, inequality and injustice.
  • Advocate for policy solutions - Providing solutions to eradicate and reduce poverty, inequality and injustice.
  • Lead awareness - Identifying, exposing & raising awareness about poverty, inequality and injustice.

Cultivating an informed and thriving community sector

  • Build support and influence - Engaging others to become allies in influencing decision-makers.
  • Promote and inform - Sharing information, knowledge and innovation, to drive better policy and practice.
  • Foster collaborative action - Building alignment and shared purpose in the community services sector.

Our purpose

To advocate, collaborate, lead and mobilise to eliminate poverty, inequality and injustice in South Australia.

Some Key Principles Underpinning Our Work

  • Human rights are at the core of addressing poverty and injustice
  • Social equity and justice requires committed community services organisations
  • Public policy should have equitable impacts on people
  • Community engagement and collective action effects change
  • Peak bodies positively contribute to democracy and civil society

SACOSS Values Demonstrated In How We Aspire To Work

Respect - Partnership - Courage - Inclusion - Fairness

  • We value, draw on and amplify the direct experiences of people affected by poverty, inequality and injustice.
  • We promote and advance the research and evidence base to drive advocacy priorities and policy solutions.
  • We maintain productive relationships across the political spectrum.
  • We work in collaboration with, draw on the wisdom and expertise of, and represent our diverse member base.
  • We are transparent in our work and we consult widely. 
  • We lead and support collaborative initiatives for a thriving community sector.
  • We work together as a team to achieve our goals with integrity and accountability.

​Download the SACOSS Strategic Plan 2022-2027.