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Concessions & Emergency Relief

Energy concessions
To help with the cost of energy bills a state government concession is available to eligible South Australians on low or fixed incomes. The energy concession covers both electricity and gas payments (including LPG bottled gas). Currently, the concession is set at $215 per year.

Medical heating and cooling concession
The Medical Heating and Cooling Concession assists South Australians on a fixed or low income who have a clinically verified medical condition which requires the frequent use of heating or cooling in the home to prevent the severe worsening of their condition. It is available to eligible applicants in addition to the current energy concession.

Water concession
The water concession for eligible recipients will be 30% of an eligible customer’s water bill from 1 July 2014.

The maximum and minimum level of the water concession is set out in the table below. In recognition that tenants are not generally liable for the supply charge component of water bills, the concession available for tenants is lower than that available for owner occupiers.

Financial year


Minimum for owner occupier


Maximum for owner occupier


Minimum for tenants


Maximum for tenants


The sewerage concession will remain unchanged in 2014-15 at $110.

 Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme (EEPS)

The Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme (EEPS) is to provide assistance to households in a financial crisis who are unable to pay their electricity debt. A payment of up to $400 is provided to low-income households who have been disconnected or are at risk of disconnection. Applicants are entitled to apply for an emergency electricity payment once every three years after the date of their last EEPS payment. Applications must be completed with the assistance of a financial counsellor.

For information and assistance to access the concessions please call or email using the details below.

Telephone the Concessions Hotline on 1800 307 758


Note: SACOSS does not administer these concessions and is unable to directly assist you to access them. If you require assistance from a financial counsellor you may contact the Financial Counselling Telephone Help Line 1800 007 007 (Mon to Thurs: 9.30am–8pm and Friday: 9.30am-4.30pm)