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Roundtable Network of Consumer Advocates on Energy


The Roundtable Network of Consumer Advocates on Energy ("Roundtable Network") is an informal network of national and jurisdictional energy consumer advocates primarily focussed on policy dialogue and strategic collaboration.

The Roundtable Network (formerly the National Consumer Roundtable on Energy) has been running since 2004, and is currently convened and co-ordinated by SACOSS and governed by a Steering Committee. 


The vision of the Roundtable Network is for people to have equitable access to energy that is affordable, dependable and environmentally sustainable.


The network provides a space to collaborate to strengthen our policy and advocacy for households and communities to have equitable access to energy that is affordable, dependable and environmentally sustainable.


The Roundtable Network seeks to achieve its vision by:

  • Building the impact and capacity of energy advocates
  • Ensuring consumer perspectives are embedded in energy planning and decision-making
  • Influencing policy, regulation, practices and behaviours


Members of the Roundtable Network are supported via a number of activities, including:

  • Participation in face-to-face and online Roundtable Network meetings and policy forums  
  • Access to an online platform (NEMChat) to share information, concerns, ideas and advocacy proposals
  • Coordinated advocacy via issues-based working groups (Enabling Groups)

Roundtable Network membership is open to:

Individuals: community/consumer advocates who are actively involved in work aligned to the vision of the Roundtable Network and able to contribute to capacity building and/or information sharing on energy issues affecting energy consumers.

Organisations: not-for-profit or consumer/community-based member organisation, with a defined constituency and/or with some role in consumer energy advocacy. The constituency can be defined by membership or by a group’s constitution of purpose.

Associate membership is available to organisations or individual engaged in the energy sector with compatible views to the Roundtable Network, but not necessarily representing a constituency. Examples include researchers, consultants, think tanks, and academic institutions.

Organisations or individuals falling outside the membership criteria (e.g. such as government agencies, regulators, market institutions, energy businesses, industry and business associations) may be invited to participate in Roundtable Network activities on a case by case basis.


Compare Membership Categories
  Individual / Organisational Member Associate Member
Attend Roundtable Network Monthly online sessions Y Y
Access NEMChat Y Y
Attend face-to-face Roundtable network meetings Y Y
Receive funding to attend face-to-face Roundtable network meetings* Y  
Take part in Enabling Groups Y Case-by-case basis
Receive communications from the Roundtable Network Y Y
Take part in other specified Roundtable events Y Y
Stand for election to the Steering Committee Y  
Vote in Steering Committee elections Y  

*One funded participant per organisation

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