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Community Panel on SA Government Concessions

23 January 2024

As part of our input into the SA Government's review of concessions, SACOSS commissioned a community panel of 33 South Australians from a diverse range of backgrounds to be part of a deliberative democracy process to consider the role and priorities for state government concessions.


Keys to the Digital World

6 December 2023

The Keys to the Digital World project was funded by the Local Government Association and auDA, and examined the role of libraries and community centres in supporting digital inclusion in regional South Australia. The report highlights the increasing need for digital inclusion with the loss of face-to-face services, and makes recommendations for significant new funding to develop more and new services.

Download the full report: Keys to the Digital World

SACOSS responds to proposed new anti-protest laws

19 May 2023

SACOSS is concerned both by the potential unintended consequences of changes to legislation around South Australians' rights to peaceful protest, and the speed with which these changes are being made.
South Australia's record of progress arising from the work of the labour, environmental, and civil society movements is an enviable one. And peaceful protest has often been vital in helping achieve this progress.

SACOSS Human Rights Legislation Policy 2023

28 March 2023

SACOSS is calling for the introduction of a Human Rights Act for South Australia because every person – no matter their race, abilities, political beliefs, gender identification, sexuality, religion, age or cultural background or other characteristic – should be treated equitably.  To acknowledge this is to acknowledge that we all have human rights. And that these are universal, meaning they are for everyone, everywhere, all of the time.

A health system that meets everyone's needs

2 March 2023

SACOSS policy proposal - A health system that meets everyone's needs: Policy proposals for public involvement in the South Australian health system

Discussion paper on public involvement in the South Australian health system

2 March 2023

SACOSS discussion paper - Public involvement in the South Australian health system

Protecting the Basics: Insurance Report

28 February 2022

SACOSS report -  Protecting the Basics: Insurance access for people on low incomes at risk from climate emergencies

The Protecting the Basics report finds that there is a significant proportion of people in South Australia on low incomes with uninsured homes, contents, and cars because they can’t afford insurance.

It highlights the potential negative consequences in the face of natural disasters, and proposes several strategies that government could take to increase access to insurance for people on low incomes.

The State of Concessions in South Australia

12 October 2021

The South Australian state government provides concessions (discounts and subsidies) for people living on very low incomes and struggling with affordability of essential services.  However, this SACOSS report examines a range of state government concessions and a confusing patchwork in need of serious reform. There are inconsistencies in eligibility across the system, and some concessions create poverty premiums or have barriers to accessing support. The report makes 3 overarching recommendations for system reform, and a number of proposals for changes to specific concessions.

Responding to COVID-19: Supporting Vulnerable Populations

26 March 2021

The avoidance of medical catastrophe from COVID-19 in South Australia to date has meant that the principle story the COVID-19 pandemic and its health impact on South Australia has been much more one of social and economic impacts than a medically-focused story. However, social and economic impacts have significant consequences for health and wellbeing, prevention and access to health services and information.

Raise The Rate for Good

21 January 2021

Raise the Rate for Good 

Calling your Member of Parliament - as an organisation

Step 1. Plan what you want to say

Politicians need to hear from local services about the effect of the government’s decision to double income support payments, and how this was the right thing to do.

Make sure to mention: