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Disaster Resilience & Climate Change

Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of bushfires and extreme weather events. Globalisation escalates the spread of infectious disease and pandemics. This amplifies the impacts on people, communities and our environment and places pressure on services to respond.

Developing a more disaster resilient health and community services sector will involve a long-term commitment from across the sector and all levels of government. The contribution of community service organisations in building resilience is recognised in the Stronger Together - South Australian Disaster Resilience Strategy 2019-2024. As outlined in this strategy, the work of community service organisations is complimentary to the contributions of commonwealth, state and local governments.

The SACOSS Disaster Resilience Project has been funded in 2020/21 through SAFECOM as an outcome of South Australia’s Disaster Resilience Strategy 2019-2024. This site has been established as a resource for service providers to facilitate access to information, links and resources to build organisational disaster resilience, as well as provide information for clients and community members to enable them to plan for emergencies, disasters and extreme weather events so they can maximise their safety during such an event and recover well afterwards.

To read the Disaster Resilience Project Consultation Report, go here.

The Disaster Resilience Project Report can be downloaded here as a PDF and as a Word document.

2023 Documents

You can download the following SACOSS and Australian Red Cross documents concerning disaster resilience from 2023 below:

People at risk in emergencies framework for South Australia
Second Implementation Plan
Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy
Mid-term Review Report May 2023

Go to the links to the right of this page to access a range of useful tools and resources.

You can find out more about SACOSS work and advocacy on climate change and disaster resilience here


Published Date: 
Monday, 22 June 2020