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Here for SA - Become Partner

Interested in becoming a Here For SA campaign partner? We're glad to hear it - and it comes at no cost! Send us your contact details and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

#HereForSA is a social media campaign celebrating the essential work of the South Australian community sector. We recognise the 37,000 South Australians workers and 54,000 volunteers in crisis care, aged care, social work, disability, mental health, emergency relief, youthwork, homelessness, financial counselling and domestic violence support, as well as those employed by community organisations as receptionists, policy officers, fundraisers, event organisers, drivers and call-centre operators.

Join the campaign and help spread the word about someone you know who is  #hereforSA. Begin by downloading our campaign pack where you will find content including:

Don’t forget to use the campaign hashtag #HereForSA so that other people can find and share your content. We’re also encouraging community organisations which are #HereForSA to sign-up as campaign partners. 

Together let’s show how much we value the community sector and all the workers whose job it is to support us and support our state!