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Energy, Water and Climate Change

SACOSS has a long-standing interest in the delivery of essential services. Our research shows the cost of basic necessities like electricity and water impacts greatly and disproportionately on vulnerable and disadvantaged South Australians.​  It is vital to ensure access to these services at the lowest possible cost for all consumers, and particularly the most vulnerable.

SACOSS' campaign work on Energy, Water and Climate Change seeks to address the key goals of access, affordability and strengthening consumer protections for vulnerable South Australians by:  

  • influencing government and businesses in their decision making across the value chain – wholesale, networks and retail
  • identifying systemic issues and advocating for policy change and improved consumer protections 
  • engaging South Australian community members in conversations about the decisions that most impact them
  • contributing to national conversations - including through the SACOSS hosted National Consumer Roundtable on Energy and the Annual SACOSS Conference on Energy, Water and Telecommunications.

SACOSS is also funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS) through the Consumer Advocacy and Research Fund (CARF), to undertake research and advocacy projects addressing the needs of South Australian water consumers.

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