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SACOSS has published a number of significant research reports in recent years on issues affecting the sector or impacting on vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Unlike submissions, which are a response to formal government processes, research reports usually arise from issues identified as important by the sector. In some cases (eg. the Consumer Credit Legal Services Scoping Study, the Unique Peaks paper, or the Alternative Employment Models paper) the research has been specifically funded by government, while in other cases (eg. Cost of Living and Anti-Poverty Week reports) SACOSS has developed the research from our own resources.

SACOSS research reports  are organised under the following headings:

  • Cost of Living - quarterly updates on cost of living pressures on low income households
  • Health Inequities - a collaborative report with the Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity, Flinders University which highlights key drivers of inequities in SA and what we can do about them 
  • Disaster Resilience and Recovery - exploring and supporting the roles and responsibilities of community organisations providing services to people at risk before, during and after emergencies, disasters or extreme weather events
  • Energy, Water and Climate Change - research into key utilities issues affecting vulnerable and disadvantaged people
  • Anti-Poverty Week - reports produced each year to highlight poverty in South Australia
  • State Budget - each year including both the SACOSS Budget submission highlighting proposals for funding, and the Budget Snapshot analysing the issues of importance for our sector in the State budget
  • General - research reports on a range of subjects.