Justice, Opportunity and Shared Wealth for all South Australians

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Public Health Consortium

The SA Public Health Consortium’s vision is for a healthy, flourishing South Australia, where everyone has the opportunity to live well and engage in community life.

The Consortium was formed in 2017, when a number of leading public health organisations, including SACOSS, the Public Health Association (SA) and the Australian Health Promotion Association (SA), came together because of shared concerns regarding the worsening health and wellbeing of South Australians, particularly those living in disadvantaged circumstances, and because of alarm over the state government’s disinvestment in health promotion and disease prevention.

All partners in the Consortium share an interest in promoting the health of our South Australian community and collaborating to shift public policy in this direction.

In the lead up to the 2018 state government election, the SA Public Health Consortium  successfully campaigned for greater focus on health and wellbeing. The Consortium advocated  for dedicated leadership in public health and successfully campaigned for a standalone Public Health Officer, which has now been established as a separate role from that of the Chief Medical Officer. The Consortium has also been active in the lobbying for amendments to legislation that establishes our health system, including the Health Care (Governance) Amendment Bill 2019, and in the government’s consultation regarding the strategic focus and future directions of Wellbeing SA.

Consortium partners: