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SA and national strategies and frameworks


Stronger together – South Australia’s Disaster Resilience Strategy

The Stronger Together strategy provides a foundation for State and local government, businesses, and the non-government and community sectors to collectively strengthen the resilience of South Australians to survive, adapt and grow, no matter what happens.


South Australian State Emergency Management Plan

The South Australian Government is committed to ensuring that effective arrangements are in place to support our communities and people to deal with emergencies through a coordinated approach. The South Australian State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) sets out the state’s comprehensive emergency management arrangements for enabling an effective prevention from - preparedness for - response to – and recovery from – an emergency.


People at risk in emergencies framework for South Australia

This document was prepared by Australian Red Cross with funding from the Natural Disaster Resilience Program by the South Australian State Government and the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs. People most at risk are best supported to prepare for and respond to emergencies by the people closest to them. Incorporating emergency preparedness activities into the everyday services, support and activities for people at risk presents a great opportunity to strengthen people’s independence and ability to manage their own wellbeing, while also reducing suffering when emergencies occur.


National Strategy for Disaster Resilience

The Strategy focuses on priority areas to build disaster resilient communities across Australia, it also recognises that disaster resilience is a shared responsibility for individuals, households, businesses and communities, as well as for governments. The national implementation plan is outlined in the companion booklet. To succeed, it will be important that business and community leaders, as well as the not-for-profit sector embrace a collaborative approach.





Published Date: 
Monday, 22 June 2020