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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: Community Sector Peak Bodies

16 October 2018

This is a short Fact Sheet which is an updated summary of a major SACOSS publication in 2011 Unique Peaks: The Definition, Role and Contribution of Peak Organisations in the South Australian Health and Community Services Sector. However, this Fact Sheet updates and revises the categorisation of roles of peak bodies to remove duplication and provide a better reflection of the roles.

Internet Use in South Australia

3 June 2018

Fact Sheet summarising the South Australian data from the ABS survey Household Use of Internet Technology, 2016-17 showing 15% of South Australians don't use the internet, and 17.5% of SA households don't access the internet at home. These, and all other indicators in the data, show South Australia lagging behind national figures.

Download the Fact Sheet: Internet Use in SA

Telecommunications Affordability in Regional South Australia

12 February 2018

From the SACOSS Cost of Living Update No. 33, December Qtr 2017, six Fact Sheets dealing with telecommunications affordability in regional South Australia, and in particular in 5 key regional seats in the 2018 State Election.


Telecommunications Expenditure in Australia

29 November 2017

This Fact Sheet summarises the recent ABS Household Expenditure Survey data on telecommunications expenditure. The Fact Sheet is co-produced with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network.

Download Fact Sheet: Telecommunications Expenditure in Australia

Fact Sheet: Poverty Premiums

15 October 2017

10 examples of poverty premiums in South Australia and Australia in 2017.

Download Fact Sheet on poverty premiums

Fact Sheet: Digital Inclusion - Regional SA

21 August 2017

With digital technologies changing our economy and society, but also leaving some people behind, this Fact Sheet provides a summary of the South Australian outcomes in the most recent Australian Digital Inclusion Index, with a particular focus showing the gap between Adelaide and areas in regional South Australia.

Download : Fact Sheet - Digital Inclusion & Regional SA

Public Opinion and the 2017-18 SA State Budget

23 June 2017

In the first half of 2017 SACOSS released three reports based on a survey of 1,000 South Australians about their attitudes on a range of issues relating to state taxes, government expenditure and tax reform. This Fact Sheet compares some of the headline data from those reports with what was delivered in the 2017-18 SA State Budget.

Download Fact Sheet: Public Opinion and the 2017-18 SA State Budget (Word)

Fact Sheet: South Australian Government Expenditure

20 May 2017

A summary of data from Reality Check: Public Perceptions of South Australian Government Expenditure and Waste showing where the government spends its money, and the contradictions in the SACOSS survey results about public perceptions.

Download Fact Sheet: SA Government Expenditure (Word)

Fact Sheet: Replacing Conveyance Duties with an Annual Land Tax

19 April 2017

A brief introduction to the proposal to replace stamp duty on real estate sales with an annual land tax, the safeguards required for low income households, and the popular and political barriers to the proposal.

Download Fact Sheet: Replacing Real Estate Stamp Duty with an Annual Land Tax

Fact Sheet: Centrelink Automated Debt Recovery (‘Robo-Debt’) Program

21 February 2017

This program is wrong and must stop

In July 2016 Centrelink commenced piloting the automated debt recovery program. This program matches Centrelink and Australian Taxation Office data and detects discrepancies in the information held by both agencies.

The measure was expected to recover $1.3 billion over three years. The government has used data matching since the 1990s but Centrelink staff were involved in the decision making. Approximately 20,000 discrepancy notices were sent each year.