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No. 57, March Quarter 2024

24 April 2024

Download the Snapshot of CPI data for the March Quarter

No. 56, December Quarter 2023

31 January 2024

Download Snapshot of CPI data for the December Quarter.

Community Panel on SA Government Concessions

23 January 2024

As part of our input into the SA Government's review of concessions, SACOSS commissioned a community panel of 33 South Australians from a diverse range of backgrounds to be part of a deliberative democracy process to consider the role and priorities for state government concessions.


Keys to the Digital World

6 December 2023

The Keys to the Digital World project was funded by the Local Government Association and auDA, and examined the role of libraries and community centres in supporting digital inclusion in regional South Australia. The report highlights the increasing need for digital inclusion with the loss of face-to-face services, and makes recommendations for significant new funding to develop more and new services.

Download the full report: Keys to the Digital World

No. 55, September Quarter 2023 - Snapshot

25 October 2023

Download the Snapshot of CPI data for the September Quarter.

Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy

31 August 2023

Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy

Download: Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy

No. 54, June Quarter 2023 - Regional Rental Affordability

26 July 2023

Download the Report on Regional Rental Affordability for the June Quarter.

The report summarises changes in rental affordability and availability over the last year and last decade for the 8 South Australian regional areas outside of metropolitan Adelaide.

Efficient heating and cooling in Adelaide homes

13 July 2023

This report and analysis were put together by Renew on behalf of SACOSS. It compares different choices of heating and cooling devices as well as thermal efficiency in different modelled households based on real floorplans, providing insight into the impacts for Adelaide households of replacing inefficient appliances and conducting energy efficiency retrofits. It further assesses the impacts of rising energy prices by comparing the costs paid by households in different energy scenarios, looking at both before and after the 23.9% increase in the Default Market Offer tariffs.


Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister: Issues Affecting South Australian Water Consumers

3 July 2023

The SACOSS 2023 annual briefing on water pricing issues affecting South Australian consumers.

The briefing provides evidence that:

SACOSS responds to proposed new anti-protest laws

19 May 2023

SACOSS is concerned both by the potential unintended consequences of changes to legislation around South Australians' rights to peaceful protest, and the speed with which these changes are being made.
South Australia's record of progress arising from the work of the labour, environmental, and civil society movements is an enviable one. And peaceful protest has often been vital in helping achieve this progress.