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No. 50, June Quarter 2022 - Rental Affordability in Regional SA

21 October 2022

This report focuses on rental affordability in regional South Australia and is the latest in a series of SACOSS Cost of Living Updates tracking changes in living costs for South Australians on low incomes and/or experiencing disadvantage. The evidence in this report clearly shows that, while there are fewer rental households in regional South Australia than in Adelaide, and that regional rental prices are generally lower than in the capital, there are still significant problems with rental affordability in regional areas.

Basic Level of Service: Settings for long-term water security in remote South Australia

10 August 2022

Basic Level of Service report on water security in remote SA highlights the value of a human rights approach to water security

SACOSS has long been calling for a basic level of service to be established and implemented across SA, and welcomed the State Government’s 2021 commitment for self-supplied remote communities.

Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy

19 July 2022

Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy (2021/2022)

The Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy focuses on wholesale electricity prices in South Australia, the Default Market Offer in SA and the Victorian Default Offer, the AER's retailer performance reporting data for SA, and energy concession reform analysis.

Protecting the Basics: Insurance Report

28 February 2022

SACOSS report -  Protecting the Basics: Insurance access for people on low incomes at risk from climate emergencies

The Protecting the Basics report finds that there is a significant proportion of people in South Australia on low incomes with uninsured homes, contents, and cars because they can’t afford insurance.

It highlights the potential negative consequences in the face of natural disasters, and proposes several strategies that government could take to increase access to insurance for people on low incomes.

No. 49, December Quarter 2021 - Rental Affordability

22 February 2022

This Cost of Living Update highlights problems of rental affordability in South Australia.

Drawing on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the South Australian government, the report shows that the increasing cost of renting has coincided with a decline in the provision of public housing and concludes that greater investment in public housing will boost supply and help all renters.

No.48, September Quarter 2021

13 October 2021

SACOSS did not publish a Cost of Living Update for this quarter. The next Cost of Living Update in the series is Cost of Living Update No. 49, for the December quarter 2021.


The State of Concessions in South Australia

12 October 2021

The South Australian state government provides concessions (discounts and subsidies) for people living on very low incomes and struggling with affordability of essential services.  However, this SACOSS report examines a range of state government concessions and a confusing patchwork in need of serious reform. There are inconsistencies in eligibility across the system, and some concessions create poverty premiums or have barriers to accessing support. The report makes 3 overarching recommendations for system reform, and a number of proposals for changes to specific concessions.

No. 47, June Quarter 2021 - Summary

21 August 2021

This Update contains a summary of cost of living changes for different households in the June Quarter showing the impact of significant jumps in inflation, and the loss of the Coronavirus Supplement for many social security recipients. There was no special issue focus in this Update.

Download No.47, June Quarter 2021 - Summary

Access to energy programs for low income households

28 July 2021

This report provides results of a survey conducted by SACOSS and Mint Research to understand how people living in rental properties on low incomes can access incentives under the Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme to improve the thermal comfort of their homes. The survey also sought to understand the ability of people to respond to time of use tariffs introduced in SA from 1 July 2021.

Access to energy programs for low income households

Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy

1 July 2021

The Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy focuses on tariffs in SA, in particular the introduction of time of use tariffs and energy debt for households, which increased for South Australian households throughout 2020.

Annual SACOSS Briefing to the Minister for Energy (2020/2021)