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Analogue Entitlements in a Digital Age

17 June 2016

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) commissioned the South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) to conduct a joint research project on the affordability of telecommunications for low income consumers.

Download the Data Briefing Report Analogue Entitlements  in a Digital Age

Losing the Jackpot: South Australia's Gambling Taxes

14 June 2016

SACOSS’ report into gambling taxes in SA highlights growing pressures on the state budget from declining gambling tax revenues – but it is not necessarily good news for gamblers or the community. The SACOSS report notes that gambling taxes are the fifth biggest source of state taxes ($388m in 2014-15), but estimates that in real terms gambling tax revenue is now $111 a year less than it was a decade ago.

SACOSS Mid-Term Report Card on the State Labor Government

15 March 2016

SACOSS has produced a Mid-Term Report Card on the State Labor Government’s performance. The Mid-Term Report Card assesses the performance of the Government against two benchmarks:

  • How well it is delivering on the election commitments it made in response to the SACOSS Policy Platform ahead of the 2014 election, and
  • How well it is addressing the SACOSS Policy Platform for improving the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged South Australians.

Download the full...

Independence in the Not-for-Profit Sector

30 June 2015

Independence in the Not-for-Profit Sector is a joint ACTCOSS and SACOSS report.  It sets out the findings of a research project investigating the meaning of independence in the community not-for-profit (NFP) sector. While frequently independence is a central concept in debate on the NFP sector, the meaning of independence is taken for granted.  

Justice or an Unjust System? Aboriginal over-representation in South Australia’s juvenile justice system

31 March 2015

Twenty-times more likely to be imprisoned than the non-Aboriginal population and making up 46% of the young people in SA's detention centres, this report highlights the problem of over-representation of Aboriginal young people in this state's juvenile justice system. The report recommends a new approach to engage Aboriginal people at all levels in the justice system, with a formally negotiated Indigenous Justice Agreement as a first step.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme: Towards a Paradigm Shift for Disability Services?

10 December 2014

The National Disability Insurance Scheme: Towards a Paradigm Shift for Disability Services?

Taxes and the SA Election

5 March 2014

In the lead up to the SA state election SACOSS has published a major report that critiques the idea that South Australia is a high tax state and outlines the extent of the state revenue decline over the last 5 years.  Economic growth and reducing 'waste' won't be enough to restore revenue to fund vital services, and the report provides a summary of the parliamentary parties' positions on state taxes and a fair and sustainable revenue base.


Social Impact Bonds: New Financing for the NFP Sector?

22 October 2013

A report providing overview of the SIB concept, outlining its development in Australia to date. It offers some discussion of the potential benefits and potential risks associated with SIBs as drawn from a review of available literature.

Download Social Impact Bonds: New Financing for the NFP Sector? 

South Australian Consumer Credit Legal Services: A Scoping Study

31 January 2013

A major research project scoping the demand for consumer credit legal services in South Australia, existing services and service gaps, and making recommendations for future service delivery.

Download the South Australian Consumer Credit Legal Services: A Scoping Study

Unsupported Debt: The Crisis in Financial Counselling in SA

3 January 2012

Produced in conjunction with Anglicare, UnitingCare Wesley Adelaide and The Salvation Army, this report highlighted lack of resources in the sector, long waiting lists and the extent of unmet need for financial counselling in South Australia.

Download Unsupported Debt