Justice, Opportunity and Shared Wealth for all South Australians

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SA Strategic Plan Analysis

10 September 2010

An analysis of the government's SASP Audit Commission report on the progress toward the state strategic plan, focussing on the targets and indicators relevant to the alleviation of poverty in South Australia.

Download South Australia's Strategic Plan Analysis: What Progress on Poverty

Alternative Employment Models in the SA Community Sector

24 June 2010

The report examines challenges for building a sustainable workforce in the community services, focusing particularly on how the government model of service contracting drives unsustainable employment models in the sector.

Download Alternative Employment Models

Training and Skills Development

21 June 2010

Report exploring approaches to workforce training and development for the South Australian community services sector. The report makes recommendations for government and for community sector organisations.

Download Approaches to Training and Skills Development for the Community Services Sector