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Paying to Work

Paying to Work: Employment Issues in SACOSS’ Telecommunications Affordability and Waged Poor Households Report, points to the frequent use of personal telecommunications services and devices for work purposes – and subsequently to cost and fairness issues arising from that usage. These issues are particularly important given that, by definition, the workers concerned are living below the  poverty line.

This Briefing Paper is designed for those with an interest in industrial issues and consists of excerpts related to those issues from the recent SACOSS report Connectivity Costs II: Telecommunications Affordability and Waged Poor Households (Ogle and Law, 2020). That report was the outcome of a research project which consisted of:

  • an analysis of ABS data (outlined in previous SACOSS research on energy affordability (Law et al., 2019));
  • a purpose-built survey of 500 waged poor households about telecommunications;
  • qualitative interviews with waged poor telecommunications consumers in Adelaide, Tasmania and the ACT;
  • and a telecommunications stakeholder workshop.

You can read the full report here.

Published Date: 
Tuesday, 15 September 2020