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Adelaide Park Lands Dry Area - Feb 2020

23 February 2020

Submission opposing the Adelaide City Council proposal to create a permanent 24/7 Dry Area in all Adelaide Park Lands.

Download Submission on proposed Adelaide Park Lands Dry Area

Senate Inquiry into Regional Inequality

18 November 2019

The SACOSS Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Economics' inquiry into regional inequality focuses on regional poverty, the digital divide and the importance of local community organisations. The submissions makes 7 recommendations, including raising the rate of Newstart, subsiding NBN costs for households on income support, and ensuring government health and community service procurement operations properly recognise the social capital of local non-government organisations.

Draft Land Tax (Miscellaneous) Amendments Bill 2019

1 October 2019

The SACOSS submission supports the proposed changes to land tax aggregation to minimise tax avoidance and make the system fairer, but we do not support the extent of the tax cuts which are also part of the Bill. SACOSS is proposing different tax scales and to use the extra revenue to invest in public and community housing to help reverse the decline in these much needed resources.

Senate Inquiry on Adequacy of Newstart and other matters

17 September 2019

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs Inquiry into the Adequacy of Newstart and other matters. The SACOSS submission is short and focuses on raising the rate of Newstart. It basically supports the ACOSS submission, highlights the SA Legislative Council Committee on Poverty which recommended that Newstart be increased, and notes the last SACOSS Cost of Living Report which shows that Newstart has not kept pace with cost of living for the last 3 years.

Housing and Homelessness Strategy for South Australia

2 September 2019

Submission to the state government housing and homeless strategy - strategic intent statement. The SACOSS submission highlights the decline in the stock of social housing and this is fundamental to any strategy to address homelessness and housing affordability, and notes the absence of a commitment in the strategy to increase the stock of social housing.

Download: SACOSS submission to SA Housing and Homelessness Strategy


Mental Health Services and the NDIS: Presentation to the Social Development Committee of SA Parliament

1 April 2019

In late 2018, the Social Development Committee (SDC) of the South Australian Parliament resolved to inquire into and report on the provision of services for people with mental illness under the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and SACOSS was invited to present.

Registering Social Workers in SA: Presentation to a Joint Committee of the SA Parliament

1 April 2019

The Social Workers Registration Bill 2018 was introduced to the SA Parliament on the 5th of September 2018. If enacted the legislation will make provision for the registration of social workers in South Australia and would establish a Social Work Registration Board.

SA Productivity Commission Inquiry on Government Procurement

18 December 2018

SACOSS's submission to this inquiry notes the achievements of the SANFRAG process in reforming government procurement of NFP services, and the importance of the adoption of the agreed contract templates. It also canvasses a range of further improvements in both contract terms and procurement processes, as well as the need for some form of independent NFP support and advocacy function to promote and enforce agreed changes.

Legislative Council Select Committee on Poverty in South Australia

13 August 2018

This is a major submission from SACOSS to the Legislative Council Select Committee. The submission notes the different definitions of poverty and the need for a South Australian poverty line, and then presents new data on poverty in South Australia. 60,000 South Australian households or 131,000 South Australian people live in poverty (8% of the population) including 22,000 children.

IGA Community Consultation on Online Gambling in South Australia

12 August 2018

A submission to the Independent Gambling Authority community consultation on online gambling - again pointing out the lack of resources for policy advocacy in our sector and the asymmetry with the vast resources the gambling industry can mobilise for their advocacy.