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Roundtable Network Enabling Groups

Note that the Enabling Groups below are currently inactive, and being reviewed as part of the 2023/24 Roundtable Network refresh. 

The Payment Difficulty / Hardship Enabling Group

This Enabling Group was established to develop a common, co-ordinated understanding on support and assistance for people experiencing payment difficulty. Enabling Group Members are:

  • Douglas McCloskey (PIAC, lead)
  • Robyn Robinson (COTA)
  • Mark Henley (Uniting Communities)
  • Fiona Hawthorne / Rose McGrath (QCOSS)
  • Georgie Morris (SACOSS) 
  • Iain Maitland (ECC)
  • Jake Lilley (CALC)
  • Bernadette Jago (TasCOSS)
  • Kellie Caught (ACOSS) 

Presentations and outputs:

The Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Enabling Group

This Enabling Group was established to identify and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing consumers created by the DER transition, with a focus on inclusion and equity. Enabling Group Members are:

  • Mark Byrne (TEC, co-lead)
  • Kellie Caught (ACOSS, co-lead)
  • Craig Memery (PIAC)
  • Douglas McCloskey (PIAC)
  • Maureen Boyle (SACOSS)
  • Dean Lombard (ATA)
  • Rob Law (CVGA)
  • Gavin Dufty (SvDP)
  • Mark Henley (Uniting Communities)

Presentations and outputs:

The Concessions Enabling Group

This Enabling Group was established to improve the effectiveness of energy concessions across all jurisdictions. Enabling Group Members are:

  • Rebecca Law (SACOSS, co-lead)
  • Kellie Caught (ACOSS, co-lead)
  • Robyn Robinson (COTA)
  • Douglas McCloskey (PIAC)
  • Jarrod Lenne (VCOSS)
  • Stephen Durney (TASCOSS)
  • Geoff Buchanan (ACTCOSS)
  • Gavin Dufty (SvDP)
  • Graham Hansen (WACOSS)

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