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Payroll Tax

17 December 2013

Holden’s departure and SA’s increased unemployment figures led to calls last week to reduce payroll tax. Business leaders claimed that South Australians face the second harshest state taxes in the country and that this stops our state attracting investment.  Maybe? 

Promises Shouldn't Affect Vital Services

31 October 2013

A key question which will run right throughout the state election campaign is whether the state government – no matter which party - have enough money to provide the vital services that we all want and need: the schools, hospitals, roads, police  as well as critical support for vulnerable members in our community.

Poverty is not just a state of mind

16 October 2013

Poverty can very quickly find its way into our lives and the reasons may be way beyond our control. They may be, as the Holden example illustrates, simply because our economy is changing and the jobs that you are trained for disappear. But it could also be that sickness or injury or caring responsibilities mean you can't do the job you used to do or you simply can't do the only jobs that are available.

Greg' Grumbles

21 September 2013

Greg's Grumbles A weekly blog on a range of social justice issues from our Senior Policy Officer, who usually finds something to grumble about.

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