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Joint media release: civil society groups condemn passage of anti-democratic protest law

31 May 2023

Civil society groups have...

Joint media release on proposed new anti-protest laws: undo 22 minutes of bad lawmaking

29 May 2023

It took only 22 minutes for anti-...

125,000 SA households to bear direct brunt of energy price rise

25 May 2023

An estimated 125,000 South...

SA’s $784m Federal Budget GST Windfall Should Build Public Housing

11 May 2023

The South Australian government should invest a substantial part of its $784 million GST windfall from the federal budget on more public housing, according to SACOSS.

New Report Identifies Need for Rental Affordability Champions in State Parliament

17 March 2023

A new study ranking State electorates in metropolitan Adelaide by rental affordability impact highlights the need for SA MPs to take urgent action on easing the crisis.

SA power users face shocking electricity price surge

15 March 2023

South Australians who can least afford it will bear the brunt of proposed electricity price rises, according to the State’s peak advocacy body for the non-government health and community services sector, SACOSS.  

Community to have their say about a more inclusive and responsive health system

3 March 2023

MEDIA RELEASE: The South Australian Health Minister, Chris Picton, has launched a new initiative to be led by South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS), that will support more equitable, active community engagement and participation in South Australia’s healthcare system.

State Budget Must Fund Concessions Reform

21 February 2023

MEDIA RELEASE: The South Australian Council of Social Service today called on the state government to fund concession reform in the next state budget. Transport, health, utilities and cost of living concessions are the most direct way the state government provides financial support to low-income households, but the concessions system is fundamentally broken and people are missing out on the support they need to cover basic living costs.

In Memoriam ~ Christine Halsey 1942-2022

16 January 2023

The Community Sector mourns the passing of Christine Halsey on 18th December 2022.

Chris is known by many as a champion of social justice and advocate for community inclusion, particularly for women, children and young people. We celebrate her many contributions to social policy and to sound collaborative practice in this state and beyond.

Overhaul of energy concessions needed as three million households struggle to pay their energy bills

21 December 2022

A report released today by social service organisations found that while around three million households receive some form of ongoing financial assistance for their energy bills, the poor design and implementation of the assistance means too many people still can’t afford the energy they need.