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Overall youth detention down but proportion of Aboriginal youth is up

1 March 2021

Overall youth detention trends in South Australia are down but the proportion of Aboriginal youth detention is the highest it’s been for at least five years.

The AIHW has just released its report into youth detention in Australia, which presents information on the youth detention population in Australia from June 2016 to June 2020.

JobSeeker announcement a low blow

24 February 2021

During the past decade, as CEO of the South Australian Council of Social Service, I have spoken to hundreds of people who are unemployed and underemployed. And many people working at, and leading, the services that support them.

I’ve repeatedly heard first-hand what the cruelly low rate of income support has meant for people as they’ve searched desperately for work to put food on the table, keep a roof over their families’ heads, buy medicine and pay bills.

SA will suffer with JobSeeker blow

23 February 2021

The South Australian Council of Social Service says the government’s JobSeeker announcement today is a harsh blow for people who are looking for work, and who will struggle to get by. It will also be a blow to the South Australian economy generally, and to parts of regional South Australia in particular.

"The base rate of JobSeeker was previously around $40 a day, and was widely recognised as hopelessly inadequate," stated SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley. "In response to the COVID-19 pandemic it was boosted by a Supplement."

Poverty cycle puts pressure on parents

31 December 2020

The 2020 annual reports from the SA Department for Child Protection and the SA Guardian for Children and Young People highlight concerning statistics on the number of children in state care in South Australia. Taken together with news reports in recent weeks that highlight just how vulnerable children in state care can be, they provide a compelling case for action. 

What difference could a human rights framework make?

11 December 2020

Human Rights on the ground in SA – what difference could a human rights framework make? 

Rights Resource Network SA: International Human Rights Day Event 
‘Time for a Human Rights Framework for South Australia?’ 

Address by Ross Womersley, SACOSS CEO 
December 10 2020 

SACOSS ‘Working to Make Ends Meet’ Conference highlights challenges faced by waged poor households

10 December 2020

SACOSS yesterday held its ‘Working to Make Ends Meet’ Conference, with a focus on the challenges faced by waged poor households – a group that is often overlooked, and is also less likely to seek help. 

“What our research actually identifies is that one in four households living below the poverty line rely on wages as their main source of income,” stated SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley.

SACOSS 'Working to Make Ends Meet' Conference

7 December 2020

- Understanding and responding to the challenges faced by waged poor households -

Coming up this Wednesday 9 December

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted both some key strengths of our systems and society, but also some critical challenges. One of these is how we support and respond to people who are struggling to make ends meet in waged poor households - an often overlooked group, who are also less likely to seek help.

Workers are Paying to Work

30 September 2020

Do you use your personal phone or internet services for work? A recent survey commissioned by SACOSS found that 70% of the workers surveyed used their own phone or internet services for work. There were casual workers checking rosters online or being notified about work by phone, photographers and care workers navigating to different worksites, and delivery drivers phoning ahead to organise pick-ups or drop-offs.

A choice between community support and poverty-level Centrelink payments

23 September 2020

As COVID-19 restrictions slowly lift and borders begin to reopen, emergency payments and increased benefits introduced to mitigate economic and social damage are about to be wound back. Besides the economic impact, a return to pre-pandemic welfare income will plunge many back into poverty. Click here to view the opinion piece by SACOSS Policy Director, Dr Catherine Earl published in InDaily, 23 September 2020.

Beyond SA's Recession Gloom

4 September 2020

The nation is officially in the doldrums and many are doing it tough, but figures show that getting the virus under control leads to quicker economic recovery, and that’s a positive for SA.

Click here for the opinion piece by Dr Greg Ogle, SACOSS Senior Policy Officer, published in InDaily 4 September 2020.