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SACOSS Life Members

The SACOSS Board may from time to time award Honorary Life Membership to a member to recognise their exceptional contribution to SACOSS, and an outstanding contribution to addressing poverty, equity and justice. 
A candidate for Life Membership must have been a financial Member of SACOSS for at least 5 years and have made a very significant contribution in terms of time, effort and commitment, leadership and extraordinary service in support of SACOSS.
A significant contribution is one which results in SACOSS making substantial and positive progress towards addressing poverty, injustice and inequity, and which demonstrates a strong commitment that is above and beyond their professional role.
Candidates must additionally meet one of the following criteria:

  • Minimum five years of service on the SACOSS Board, Policy Council or committee;
  • Minimum five years of service as a  SACOSS volunteer/supporter/staff; 

Or a combination of the above, at the discretion of the SACOSS Board.

Mr Phillip Beddall

Mr Harvey Brown

Mr Brian Butler

Prof Ed Carson

Mr Kym Davey

Mr Michael Dawson

Ms Marj Ellis

Ms Colleen Fitzpatrick

Ms Gael Fraser

Mr Leigh Garrett

Miss Daphne Gum MBE OAM

Mr Peter Hall

Ms Sheila Hall AM

Ms Christine Halsey

Mr Mark Henley

Mr Simon Kneebone

Ms Wendy Malycha

Ms Margaret McKenzie

Ms Joy Noble

Ms Louise Portway

Mr Lange Powell

Ms Ruth Prescott

Mr Simon Schrapel

Ms Pam Simmons

Mr Brian Ward

Mr Mark Waters

Hon Andrew BC Wilson AM

Mr Ian Yates AM

SACOSS was saddened at the loss of Life Member Mr Michael Wooley on 2 May 2013. He was a proud member and supporter of SACOSS and served on the SACOSS Executive for several years and regularly participated in other committees and activities auspiced by SACOSS. Michael was also awarded Honorary Life Membership of Novita Children’s Services at their 2004 Annual General Meeting in recognition of his services to that organisation. You can read more on Michael's contribution to the disability sector in South Australia on the Novita website by clicking here.

SACOSS was saddened to hear of the passing of Life Member Dr Judith Roberts AO on 16 February 2015. Judith was a strong supporter of SACOSS and her involvement with our organisation continued up until very recently before her death. Judith was on the SACOSS Executive Committee for 5 years in the early 1980s, and was President in 1983. She also represented SACOSS on the ACOSS Board, and served on a range of Committees. She was a passionate and hardworking member of the community services sector and a strong supporter of SACOSS. In 2014 Judith said:
"Some would contend that many older South Australians live in what is described as ‘genteel poverty’. Poverty is never genteel, it crushes the human spirit. SACOSS advocates strongly for those persons who live in poverty by promoting social equity and social justice."

SACOSS was saddened to hear of the passing of Life Member Mrs Grethe Brown after a long battle with cancer on 7 June 2016. Along with her husband Harvey, Grethe spent many, many years volunteering for SACOSS. Our deepest condolences go out to her family and those closest to her.