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SACOSS Anti-Poverty Week Survey Highlights Community Support for Increase to Newstart

Download SACOSS Anti-Poverty Week Survey

The results of an online survey conducted by SACOSS show significant awareness of the existence of poverty in Australia, and the belief that income support payments like Newstart and Youth Allowance are not adequate to keep people out of poverty.
The survey reveals a broad awareness of local poverty.

 80% of respondents believed that government welfare payments for individuals seeking work (Newstart) and for young people studying or looking for work (Youth Allowance) are inadequate. 12% of respondents were unsure that such payments are adequate to keep people out of poverty. 

When the rates of these payments was specified, all those who had initially indicated they were unsure, then stated they believed the payments were not adequate to keep people out of poverty.

SACOSS Executive Director, Ross Womersley said,
“A key function of Anti-Poverty Week is to promote discussion about poverty and its causes 
and to encourage our community to take steps to address it.”

“We all have a role to play as individuals and so do our governments. While this sample survey was limited, what is clear is that there is widespread support for increasing base level allowances to ensure people can live an adequate and decent life.”

For further information/comment contact:

SACOSS Communications Officer - Marnie Round 8305 4227
SACOSS Executive Director - Ross Womersley 0418 805 426

Published Date: 
Friday, 18 October 2013