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Liberal’s energy plan: some good measures but not enough for low income people

SACOSS welcomes some of the reliability and security measures in Steven Marshall’s energy plan, but we are concerned that the plan’s solar battery centrepiece delivers little benefit for the poorest South Australians.

SACOSS Senior Policy Officer Jo De Silva says, “The Liberal Party has today announced a $100 million Home Storage Subsidy Scheme but people on very low incomes cannot afford to install solar panels, and therefore won’t be able to take advantage of the $2500 subsidy.”

“On the other hand there are measures in the energy plan that we welcome. For example, we applaud the banning of exit fees on retail contracts, as well as the enforcement of minimum notice periods on changes to standard and market offers.”

SACOSS also supports the announcement on a single, comprehensive national energy plan, and particularly an integrated grid plan.

“There can be no doubt after September 28 last year that South Australians are concerned to keep the lights on and we support measures to ensure this.”

“South Australians are already being slugged with some of the highest power prices in the country, and every day we see around 30 customers being disconnected. SACOSS is disappointed that the people doing it toughest won’t receive targeted relief under this plan.”

“Solar households already pay $1,325 less than non-solar households on their power bills and this measure has the potential to aggravate the situation for non-solar households.”

 “In terms of reliability, we also support the measures to modernise the NEM, and in particular the move towards 5-minute pricing for wholesale electricity markets.”

SACOSS is calling on all parties to commit to a percentage-based energy concession.

Published Date: 
Tuesday, 10 October 2017