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Legislative Council Select Committee on Poverty in South Australia

This is a major submission from SACOSS to the Legislative Council Select Committee. The submission notes the different definitions of poverty and the need for a South Australian poverty line, and then presents new data on poverty in South Australia. 60,000 South Australian households or 131,000 South Australian people live in poverty (8% of the population) including 22,000 children. The rate of poverty is twice as high in rural and regional areas as it is in Adelaide.  The statistical snapshot is followed by a summary of SACOSS' previous work on poverty premiums and the cost of living for those on Newstart to give some insight into the experience of poverty. A brief examination of the issues and data around digital inclusion shows how poverty interacts with a range of other factors to compound disadvantage. The submissions makes recommendations for specific action in 6 key policy areas: 

  • Income Support/Newstart - raising the rate
  • Housing - increasing the supply of public housing
  • Energy - implenting percentage-based concessions
  • Water - changing the default responsibility for water supply charges from renters to landlords
  • Digital Inclusion - developing the promised state plan and free wi-fi audit and capacity
  • Justice - reviewing the possibilities for income-based fines

Download: SACOSS Submission to the Select Committee on Poverty in SA

Published Date: 
Monday, 13 August 2018