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A health system that meets everyone's needs

SACOSS policy proposal - A health system that meets everyone's needs: Policy proposals for public involvement in the South Australian health system

This paper on policy proposals for public involvement in the South Australian health system follows on from the SACOSS discussion paper on the topic (pre-release copy available here).
In this paper we argue for the following 10 policy proposals.
Regarding funding:
1. The establishment of an independent organisation for public involvement in health funded by the state government.
2. The funding needs to match the mandate of the organisation, and be sufficient to allow prioritisation of equity.
3. The organisation may benefit from an agreement with a suitable auspicing body for some organisational functions and resources, including premises; but its independence should be maintained.
4. Federal funding should also be sought to complement the state funding, potentially through the two South Australian Primary Health Networks.
Regarding governance:
1. SACOSS proposes that community groups that represent populations with inequitable health are embedded in the governance of the new body.
2. The constitution and aims of the organisation need to prioritise a focus on equity.
Regarding areas of work:
1. The organisation would focus on systemic advocacy, building the health system’s capacity for public involvement and equity, and training, mentoring, and supporting consumer advocates in the health system.
2. The organisation is provided with additional funding to provide an individual advocacy service.
3. The organisation’s funding agreement and ways of working need to support working with sectors outside the state health care system.
SACOSS also argues that the public health system should be mandated to enhance the value of public involvement in their operations, with a focus on equity.
The paper concludes by making the case for the urgent re-establishment of an independent, statewide public involvement in health body that has an emphasis on equitable public involvement.

Read the report here

Published Date: 
Thursday, 2 March 2023