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Living Without the Basics Conference

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Things are moving fast, but too many are being left behind.

Our Living Without the Basics Conference looks at topical issues relating to housing, energy and water. These areas can all have impacts on health, well-being and costs of living. With parallel sessions, you can choose which sessions are of most interest and relevance for you.


When: Wed 19 May 2021 
Where: Adelaide Convention Centre 

The Conference spans a half day, with a networking lunch included. It will provide a great opportunity to hear from expert speakers across different disciplines. Come along to connect, learn, share ideas, and help create change.

We will be looking into current policies that exist for people who many be struggling, and what might better assist them.

The conference program includes an open from the Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, and sessions on public and social housing and energy efficiency standards, the state of rental housing in SA, access to drinking water in regional and remote communities, and water services, including access to supports.

With a focus on energy and water as well as housing (which is so topical right now) this is our tenth conference in this series! 

It is of value for people working in the health and community services sector, consumer and community advocates, policy advisors/officers, analysts and managers, those in the energy, water and housing spaces, researchers, and those working in government: senior bureaucrats, program coordinators, policy advisors and more.

More about the Conference ...

The Living Without the Basics Conference will include a look at the intersection of housing policy with energy and water policy, and some of the practical impacts these intersections have in terms of health, well-being and costs of living. What impacts do policies have on the ground for people who may be struggling, and the services that are seeking to support and assist them? We will examine how where people live and whether they have tenure over their homes, impacts on access to decent housing and affordable energy and water. We also look at what can be done, or done better, with opportunities for participants to engage with and influence policy. 

The Conference will also feature the launch of a SACOSS-commissioned report on improving drinking water services for regional and remote communities in SA, and preliminary findings from SACOSS energy efficiency research. It will examine a range of housing-related areas which are extra topical now, including a panel session on the state of rental housing in South Australia. With parallel sessions, attendees can choose which stream is of most interest and relevance for them. 

Who should attend? 
The 'Living Without the Basics' Conference is of value to: 
- People working in the health and community services sector 
- Community sector leaders  
- Consumer/community advocates 
- Policy advisors/officers, and analysts and managers 
- From government: senior bureaucrats, program coordinators, policy advisors 
- Researchers, and more ... 

About the Conference 
Our conferences bring people together from various sectors, such as the community services sector, government, higher education, the energy and water industry. This approach helps to break down silos and provides the opportunity to benchmark against other areas, gain and share ideas, and learn from best practice. 

This Conference will provide a great opportunity to learn, share and network (in person), connecting with colleagues, and hearing from expert speakers, with opportunities to engage with and influence policy in these fundamental areas. 

Speakers and topics include:
Opening keynote - Falling through the Gaps
The state of rental housing in SA
 - Dr Alice Clark, Shelter SA; Prof Chris Leishman, University of South Australia; and Dr Greg Ogle, SACOSS
Water Security in Regional and Remote Communities Workshop - facilitated by Rebecca Law, SACOSS
Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for Housing - Joel Dignam, Better Renting; Dr Lyrian Daniel, University of Adelaide; and Rob Murray-Leach, Energy Efficiency Council
Tenants as Water Customers (including access to hardship supports and dispute resolution) - Dr Sonia Masciantonio and David Coombe, SA Water; Mark Henley, Uniting Communities; and Barbara Johns, South

Our final speaker, Professor Emma Baker from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, will offer a holistic perspective based on insights gained from the conference. Emma is Professor of Housing Research at the University of Adelaide where she leads the Housing and Healthy Cities Research Group and is Director of the Stretton Institute’s ‘Building a City for the Future’ research program.

Please do not hesitate to contact our SACOSS Events & Membership Coordinator on angela@sacoss.org.au if you have any queries.

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Wednesday, 19 May 2021 - 9:00am