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Applying Collective Impact to Move the Needle

19 May 2015 - 9:30am to 4:30pm

Applying Collective Impact to Move the Needle

This workshop will introduce participants to the concept of complexity and complex adaptive systems as well as some emerging principles and practices of adaptive leadership and management aimed to improve the probabilities – but never guarantee – that people and organisations can move the needle on complex issues. Collective Impact 3.0 is about is about scaling collective impact and building the practice internationally. This workshop will introduce participants and add to your knowledge around concepts of complexity, leadership and adaptive systems.

Why you should attend this workshop?

Those interested in this topic will already have a depth of experience in community building, service coordination and collaboration and a real desire to see positive social change. You will also know that these approaches are not enough on their own to cut through and get the traction needed to shift the dial on sticky hard to shift problems. 

To register visit http://www.csi.edu.au/events/applying-collective-impact-complex-social-issues/

This workshop is presented by Collaboration for Impact and powered by the Centre for Social Impact. It is hosted by Together SA, the event partners for this workshop are the Local Government Professionals South Australia Community Managers Network and the Australian Centre for Community Services Research (ACCSR) at Flinders University.

About Mark Cabaj

Mark Cabaj is the President of the consulting company From Here to There, past Vice President (and currently) Associate of Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement and coordinator of various international development projects in eastern Europe. His focus is on developing practical ways to understand, plan and evaluate policies, program and initiatives that address complex issues. Mark is particularly involved in building the practice of developmental evaluation, a new approach to assessment which emphasises real time feedback and learning in emerging, messy and sometimes fast-moving environments.


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