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Aged Care - After the Royal Commission, What's Next?

Do you work in aged care, or an associated area relating to the care and wellbeing of older people?

The Royal Commission into Aged Care has released its final report, and there is a lot to think about, and a lot to do.

We heard from speakers Jane Mussared, Chief Executive of COTA, and Ian Henschke, Chief Advocate from National Seniors Australia and David Panter from ECH, as we discussed the results of the aged care royal commission and what it will meant for the sector.  

The Royal Commission examined the quality and safety of residential and in-home aged care for older people, and young people with disabilities living in aged care homes, including the extent to which these services meet peoples’ needs, the extent of substandard care, the causes of any systemic failures, and actions that should be taken in response.

It also examined how to best deliver aged care services to people with disabilities living in aged care homes (including younger people), people living with dementia, how to give people more control and choice in relation to their care, and improving engagement with families and carers. The Commission also look at how to best deliver aged care services in a sustainable way through innovative models of care, use of technology, and investment in the aged care workforce and capital infrastructure, as well as future challenges and opportunities, and lessons learned from COVID.

This was a big brief and has delivered a five-volume report of many hundreds of pages. There is much to consider for the sector, advocates, and anyone who is involved in caring for older people. This session provided an opportunity to hear from three leaders in this space and discuss ‘what's next’.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2021 - 10:00am