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Disaster Resilience

Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of bushfires and extreme weather events. Globalisation and increased dependence on technology escalates the spread of infectious disease and pandemics and vulnerability to cyberattack.

This amplifies the impacts on people, communities and our environment and places pressure on services to respond.

Developing a more disaster resilient state will involve a long term commitment from across state and local government, non-government organisations, businesses and the community.

The National Strategy for Disaster Resilience identifies that partnerships across and within governments, businesses, the not for profit sector and the community will lead to a more resilient nation.

This contribution of community service organisations in building resilience is recognised in the South Australian Disaster Resilience Strategy 2019-2024. As outlined in this strategy, the work of community service organisations is complimentary to the contributions of commonwealth, state and local governments.

In developing the People at Risk in Emergencies Framework for South Australia, Red Cross found that around 50% of organisations surveyed thought it was more important to improve communications and coordination between emergency management and community sector organisations. This highlights the value of clarity around roles and responsibilities.

The SACOSS Disaster Resilience Project is one of a suite of projects that has been funded through SAFECOM as an outcome of South Australia’s Disaster Resilience Strategy 2019-2024. This is a one-year project and we will update this page soon with more details.

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Published Date: 
Wednesday, 8 January 2020