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SACOSS rates the government on mid-term performance

SACOSS has today published a report card on the Weatherill government’s progress in addressing poverty, inequity and injustice.

In doing so SACOSS has sought to acknowledge good performance and where promises have been fulfilled, and at the same time highlight areas where more work is needed on issues that impact on vulnerable and disadvantaged South Australians.

“The government has implemented or is in the process of implementing most of what they promised at the 2014 election,” says CEO of SACOSS Ross Womersley.

“But they still need to do more to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people – particularly in areas like law and justice, child protection, and in cutting red tape for community services.”

“Taxation is another area that needs urgent attention,” says Womersley.

“While we note the Premier’s recent statements on tax, and we also recognise that the government has implemented most of its pre-election promises, SACOSS would like to see further work in the area of state tax reform, as well as continued advocacy at the Federal level.”

"Overall, the minimum the community expects from any government is that they keep their election promises, and this record is not bad on that score. However, when we look at what needs to be done in key areas the record is patchier – good on cost of living support and in not sacrificing the revenue needed to pay for services, but limited in other areas.”

For the short-version report card, click here.

For the full report card, click here.

Published Date: 
Tuesday, 15 March 2016