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SACOSS Launches 'Pro-Taxes' Campaign

Download SACOSS Launches 'Pro-Taxes' Campaign

The extensive campaign will include radio and web-based advertising beginning today, postcards delivered to thousands of households in key electorates, as well as a series of forums, social media and other activities until March next year.

Charities and community sector organisations always pay a price when governments don’t have the resources they need to fund the services we all want and require.

SACOSS Executive Director Ross Womersley said,

“We know that nobody likes to pay taxes, but our taxes pay for our schools, hospitals, roads and all the infrastructure and community services that make South Australia a great place to live and work.”

“The data on declining state government revenue is quite clear – South Australians are now paying about $90 a year less in state tax per capita than we were 5 years ago”

“This means simply that there is less money to pay for the vital services we need as a community”

While these services can help everyone, they are particularly important to vulnerable and disadvantaged South Australians who need support and rely on them for disability support, health care, rehab, concessions, housing and emergency relief.

SACOSS’ message is simple: without taxes, vital services disappear.

Mr Womersley continued,

“In this state election campaign, it really is time to stop talking about tax cuts, and start talking about the services and infrastructure we need and a fair way to generate the revenue to sustain this investment in our community.”

The SACOSS election campaign is calling for:

  • A commitment to ensuring that the state tax revenue base is restored to pre-GFC levels so that the government can fund vital services;
  • A package of measures to relieve cost of living pressures on the lowest income households who are suffering most from rising prices of basic necessities – SACOSS will release its proposed Cost of Living Relief Package in early December;
  • Policies addressing key issues in housing, health, justice, and social and economic participation – SACOSS policies will be released during the course of the campaign;
  • Major reform of contracting of non-government organisations to give security of funding and to reduce red tape – SACOSS’ 20 point plan for Better Contracting and Red Tape Reduction is available now.

More information on the SACOSS tax and Contracting and Red Tape Reduction campaigns is available at www.sacoss.org.au

For further information/comment contact: 
SACOSS Communications Officer - Marnie Round 0423 767 015
SACOSS Executive Director - Ross Womersley 0418 805 426

Published Date: 
Monday, 25 November 2013