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Responding to COVID-19

We are working together with our members, other SA human service peak bodies and the SA Government to ensure you have access to the latest trusted information and resources.                                                                                                                                                      

Advice on care and safety

Trusted information sources

On Tuesday 17 March, more than 300 people tuned in to an online forum in which the Director of SA Health’s Communicable Disease Control Branch, the SA Health's Deputy Chief Public Health Officer, the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive of Department for Child Protection, DHS Group Executive Director, Disability Transition and Chief Executive DHS, shared advice to help all South Australians to make informed decisions about practical steps to reduce risks.  This will be the first of many over coming months. You can catch up on the forum here. These forums, run by DHS, take their lead from SA Health and the Australian Government Department of Health.

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Contingency Plans

Your organisation needs to develop a plan, based on the kind of services you deliver and the way you interact with service users, other agencies and the public. Please get in touch if you are happy to share your contingency plan for your industry or service type. Key elements of a comprehensive plan might include:

  • Protocols for staff if they have travelled, may have been exposed or show symptoms (including shortness of breath or cough, with or without a fever);
  • HR guidance including advice on staff leave arrangements if they are directed to quarantine;
  • How to respond if a client shows symptoms (noting it could just be a cold);
  • How to deliver ongoing support to a client diagnosed with COVID-19 (when relevant and with support);
  • Contract management to ensure if you are unable or directed not to deliver some services you won’t be penalised;
  • How to scale up if necessary to provide additional services to the community if requested.


Self Quarantine Guidelines

If you’re travelling or returning to South Australia and arrive from 4pm Tues 24 March, you will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days. This applies to all travellers (international and Australian), including South Australian citizens.