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Cost of Living Updates

No. 57, March Quarter 2024

24 April 2024

Download the Snapshot of CPI data for the March Quarter

No. 56, December Quarter 2023

31 January 2024

Download Snapshot of CPI data for the December Quarter.

No. 55, September Quarter 2023 - Snapshot

25 October 2023

Download the Snapshot of CPI data for the September Quarter.

No. 54, June Quarter 2023 - Regional Rental Affordability

26 July 2023

Download the Report on Regional Rental Affordability for the June Quarter.

The report summarises changes in rental affordability and availability over the last year and last decade for the 8 South Australian regional areas outside of metropolitan Adelaide.

No. 53, March Quarter 2023 - CPI Snapshot

26 April 2023

Download the Snapshot of CPI data for the March Quarter in 2023.

No. 52, December Quarter 2022 - Adelaide Rental Affordability

25 January 2023

Download the Snapshot of CPI data for the December Quarter.

Download SACOSS Cost of Living Update No.52

No. 51, September Quarter 2022 - CPI Snapshot

30 October 2022

Download the Snapshot of CPI data for the September Quarter.

No. 50, June Quarter 2022 - Rental Affordability in Regional SA

21 October 2022

This report focuses on rental affordability in regional South Australia and is the latest in a series of SACOSS Cost of Living Updates tracking changes in living costs for South Australians on low incomes and/or experiencing disadvantage. The evidence in this report clearly shows that, while there are fewer rental households in regional South Australia than in Adelaide, and that regional rental prices are generally lower than in the capital, there are still significant problems with rental affordability in regional areas.

No. 49, December Quarter 2021 - Rental Affordability

22 February 2022

This Cost of Living Update highlights problems of rental affordability in South Australia.

Drawing on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the South Australian government, the report shows that the increasing cost of renting has coincided with a decline in the provision of public housing and concludes that greater investment in public housing will boost supply and help all renters.

No.48, September Quarter 2021

13 October 2021

SACOSS did not publish a Cost of Living Update for this quarter. The next Cost of Living Update in the series is Cost of Living Update No. 49, for the December quarter 2021.