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Falling through the gaps report

19 May 2021

The Falling through the gaps report casts a light on the issue of access to safe, secure and reliable drinking water services in regional and remote South Australia. It also provides practical steps that can help bring real change, to ensure that communities in these areas can have this fundamental need met. 

No.46, March Quarter 2021 - Summary

8 May 2021

The data in this report shows the inadequacy of the recent $25 per week rise in the base rate of JobSeeker. Around one-third of the increase simply addressed the problem of inadequate indexation and the payment remains well below the poverty line.

No.45, December Quarter 2020 - Summary

3 February 2021

This Update contains a summary of cost of living changes for different households in the December Quarter showing that last quarter's low inflation flowed through to only minor increases in the cost of living for age pensioners (in particular) and other social security recipients - although the situation may have been different for renters. There was no special issue focus in this Update.

Raise The Rate for Good

21 January 2021

Raise the Rate for Good 

Calling your Member of Parliament - as an organisation

Step 1. Plan what you want to say

Politicians need to hear from local services about the effect of the government’s decision to double income support payments, and how this was the right thing to do.

Make sure to mention:

Budget spend positive, but lacked targeted investment

10 November 2020

Recovery spending welcome, but missed investing in most impacted

No.44, September Quarter 2020 - Telecommunications

7 November 2020

This Update contains a summary of cost of living changes for different households in the September Quarter showing that last quarter's anomalous deflation had disappeared, but payments to age pensioners and other social security recipients covered cost increases this quarter (although the cut to the Coronavirus Supplement would have significant impacts for many households). This report also contains a special feature summarising the South Australian telecommunications affordability data from the recently released Australian Digital Inclusion Index. 

Paying to Work

15 September 2020

Paying to Work: Employment Issues in SACOSS’ Telecommunications Affordability and Waged Poor Households Report, points to the frequent use of personal telecommunications services and devices for work purposes – and subsequently to cost and fairness issues arising from that usage. These issues are particularly important given that, by definition, the workers concerned are living below the  poverty line.

National Consumer Roundtable on Energy Impact Statement - September 2019 to August 2020

15 September 2020

The National Consumer Roundtable on Energy (Roundtable) is an informal coalition of national and jurisdictional energy consumer advocates primarily focussed on policy dialogue and strategic collaboration. Established in 2004 with funding through Energy Consumers Australia (ECA), it is currently convened and coordinated by SACOSS and governed by a steering committee. This impact statement reports on the Roundtable's activities, outcomes and impacts over the period from September 2019 to August 2020.

Towards Equitable Access to Clean Water and Sanitation for All South Australians: SACOSS Discussion Paper

17 August 2020

Access to clean water and sanitation is a fundamental human right, with Australia a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. In a state with low and variable rainfall, South Australia faces particular challenges around managing a reliable and secure water supply. This discussion paper attempts to map existing water-related polices, monitoring frameworks and activities in South Australia to identify gaps and opportunities to deliver on SDG 6.

Connectivity Costs II: Telecommunications Affordability and Waged Poor Households

11 August 2020

The Connectivity Costs II: Telecommunications Affordability and Waged Poor Households report follows our 2016 Connectivity Costs report which looked at telecommunications affordability for those primarily reliant on Centrelink incomes. This new report focuses on telecommunications affordability for those households living below the poverty line but whose main source of income is wages.