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No. 50, June Quarter 2022 - Rental Affordability in Regional SA

This report focuses on rental affordability in regional South Australia and is the latest in a series of SACOSS Cost of Living Updates tracking changes in living costs for South Australians on low incomes and/or experiencing disadvantage.

The evidence in this report clearly shows that, while there are fewer rental households in regional South Australia than in Adelaide, and that regional rental prices are generally lower than in the capital, there are still significant problems with rental affordability in regional areas. The data shows that:

  • regional rents have gone up significantly in the last year and over the last decade, and while there is considerable variation between regions, in many cases regional rents have gone up faster than both inflation and key income sources such as the age pension and the JobSeeker allowance;
  • this situation has been compounded by the lack of availability of rental housing in regional areas, itself exacerbated by an insufficient supply of public and social housing rentals;
  • with lower household income in regional areas, the proportion of income going on rental costs was similar to Adelaide; and
  • rents in regional areas are still unaffordable for people on very low incomes.

These problems need to be addressed by government in order to assist people on low incomes to get safe, stable and affordable housing. 

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Published Date: 
Friday, 21 October 2022