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Latest internet use data shows SA still lagging- 15% of South Australians don’t use the internet

4 June 2018

A Fact Sheet released by the South Australian Council of Social Service shows that 15% of South Australians don’t use the internet, 17.5% of South Australian households don’t have internet access at home, and South Australia lags behind the Australian average in most categories of internet use. The Fact Sheet is based on the latest ABS data on household internet use.

Key findings:

South Australians asked the $65 billion question

24 April 2018

As South Australian federal politicians find themselves in the vortex of the political battle over the proposed company tax cuts, a public forum hosted by The Australia Institute in Adelaide asks ‘How would you spend $65 billion?’.

Dr Janine Dixon from the Centre of Policy Studies at Victoria University and SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley, will join Australia Institute Executive Director Ben Oquist at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide from 6.30pm-7.30pm tonight.

The panel will also discuss the impact of the tax cut on the South Australian economy.

SACOSS report card welcomes parties’ policies on digital poverty

13 March 2018

But uncertainty remains over cuts to services

Report Card Summary

Save Charities from Funding Cuts

6 March 2018

Eleven key peak bodies in the non-government health and community services came together today to issue a last minute plea to the major parties to be saved from funding cuts and so called “efficiency dividends” which look likely to follow the state election. The peak bodies joining this call with SACOSS are: the Aboriginal Health Council of SA, Child & Family Focus SA, Community Centres SA, the Mental Health Coalition of SA, Multicultural Communities Council of SA, SA Network of Drug & Alcohol Services, Shelter SA, Volunteering SA & NT, Community Housing Council of...

Hospitals squeezing out other healthcare

1 March 2018

A SACOSS analysis today reveals a dramatic fall in funding to non-hospital health services in South Australia. 

Using the most recent figures on total health funding by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, SACOSS has looked at the breakdown of hospital vs non-hospital health spending. 

According to these AIHW figures (2017), two-thirds of all SA government health expenditure goes on hospitals. Our analysis shows that non-hospital health expenditure (which includes community and public health, dental services and research) has fallen from 40% of all SA...

Consumers could be winners in energy election

22 February 2018

The South Australian Council of Social Service has welcomed the latest round of energy policy announcements today, and says that consumers could end up being the real winners in a state election focused on energy. 

Nick Xenophon today launched the SA Best Energy Policy  - which includes a community-owned electricity retailer as well as a move to review the energy concession - while the Labor Party announced interest-free loans for household solar energy.

SACOSS: Labor’s plan on digital a winner

20 February 2018

The South Australian Council of Social Service applauds today’s announcement by Premier Jay Weatherill that a re-elected Labor Government would take steps to bridge the digital divide in South Australia. It is good news for those people struggling with internet access and costs, and vital for ensuring that everyone can participate in the digital economy and society.

South Australia has lagged behind Australia with the second lowest score on the Australian Digital Inclusion Index, and with some 17% of households not accessing the internet (above the national average of 15%)....

Tough gig(abyte) for telecommunications consumers in regional SA

12 February 2018


The following fact sheets provide information on telecommunication costs for specific SA electorates within the regions that they sit.
All of Regional SA
            Fact Sheet

Electric shock: South Australians spend more on telecommunications than on their power bills

12 February 2018

The South Australian Council of Social Service has today released its latest Cost of Living Update which shows that South Australians spend more on telecommunications than on electricity - and that like electricity costs, the cost of telecommunications hit those on the lowest incomes hardest. 
The SACOSS report, which is based on the official ABS Household Expenditure Survey data, shows that while telecommunications prices have been decreasing (unlike electricity!), telecommunications expenditure has increased with higher demand as government, businesses and culture...

The health of South Australians: it’s a sick joke!

22 January 2018

Our 3-point plan for a health turnaround through prevention and promotion

With South Australians sicker than ever, our public health consortium has launched a 3-point plan to restore our position as a leader in community health, and to boost our longevity, health outcomes and quality of life.

In the lead-up to the South Australian election in March, the South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) has joined forces with the Public Health Association Australia (PHAA), the Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA), Anti-Poverty Network SA and the People’s...