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Media Releases

Ongoing concerns for mandatory drug treatment Bill

15 May 2019

​The South Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drugs (SANDAS) representing non-government alcohol and drug treatment services in South Australia, The Youth Affairs Council of SA (YACSA) and the South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS)  have significant ongoing concerns about the Controlled Substances (Youth Treatment Orders) Amendment Bill 2019.

Budget deals alarming GST blow to SA budget

3 April 2019

Estimated combined cut of $687m over two years

The South Australian Council of Social Service has expressed alarm today at the further cuts to South Australia’s GST entitlements in last night’s Federal Budget, a cut which will almost certainly have dire consequences for the State Government’s own budget.

SACOSS is calling on the State Government to urgently look at state revenue measures, which will address this new revenue hole which threatens their ability to fund vital services.

Treasurer Lucas, don’t cut vital services to ‘fix’ $400m budget blow

5 March 2019

Community Sector Pleads for Revenue Raising Measures in State Budget

The South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) is pleading for an urgent move on revenue raising measures in the State Budget, following last week’s dramatic announcement from the State Government that revisions to GST sharing would deliver a $400m budget blow.

SACOSS calls on State Treasurer, Rob Lucas MLC, to look at revenue options to balance the books and not just to cut vital services.

New standard contracts big boost for SA not-for-profits

18 January 2019

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is set to receive fairer funding terms and easier-to-use templates when applying for grants and procurement of services.

By standardising contract templates, NFPs will benefit by saving time and money on what was an inconsistent and often onerous process.

Beware water revenue blowing holes in budget

8 January 2019

SACOSS today expressed concern at reports that a proposed revaluation of SA Water’s asset base could lead to a multi-million hole in the state budget revenue.

The revaluation discussion has been triggered by a series of reports by Lew Owens. The latest of these, “A Cautious Conclusion”, was written by Mr Owens in his capacity as Independent Inquirer into water pricing as appointed by Treasurer Rob Lucas last year.

Electricity consumers saved around $15M by regulator decision

7 January 2019

SACOSS has applauded the Essential Service Commission of South Australia’s (ESCOSA) Decision on reliability standards released today because it will help keep a lid on electricity prices.

“The Commission has listened to consumers who really don’t want to pay for overinvestment in reliability and too much for inconvenience payments either,” says Jo De Silva, SACOSS Energy Policy Lead.

High costs and massive energy debts: AER Report paints gloomy picture of SA’s energy costs

13 December 2018

SACOSS has greeted today’s performance report from the Australian Energy Regulator with enormous disappointment, noting that low income households were likely to be experiencing even greater hardship.

SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley said, “This report again confirms that SA has the country’s highest priced standard offers and thus the least affordable energy in the National Electricity Market (NEM), with 11.2% of a low income household’s disposable income being spent on electricity.

Survey shows South Australians in poverty are dreading Christmas

30 November 2018

ACOSS and SACOSS will outline the results of an online survey of Newstart and Youth Allowance respondents, which has found:
• 90% of South Australian respondents were not looking forward to the holiday season due to the cost
• 81% of SA respondents felt their low income would prevent them from being able to spend time with family and friends over the holiday period.

Don't lock up children for drug treatment!

29 November 2018

Joint Press Release from SACOSS, the Office of Guardian for Children and Young People, the AMA(SA), The SA Network of Drug and Alcohol Services, the Law Society SA and Uniting Communities

Key advocacy bodies including the Guardian for Children and Young People, SACOSS, the AMA(SA), The SA Network of Drug and Alcohol Services, the Law Society SA and Uniting Communities have expressed deep concerns about the Controlled Substances (Youth Treatment Orders) Amendment Bill 2018.

Despite a collective outcry from medical, legal, child rights, and health and community...

Petrol cost and volatility hitting poor and regional consumers hardest: Instead of handwringing on prices, Gov needs to act on affordability

22 November 2018

SACOSS is today releasing our latest cost of living report highlighting the impact of high petrol prices and their volatility, particularly on lower income and regional consumers. 

SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley says, “Over the last two years fuel prices in Adelaide have risen 30% (as per the latest figures from the end of the September quarter), and the average South Australian household now spends around $50 a week on petrol.”

“We’ve seen fuel prices go up and down...