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Being Poor Costs More

Monday, 16 October 2017

SACOSS Anti-Poverty Week Statement highlights 10 “poverty premiums” for low income South Australians

SACOSS is today releasing its 2017 Anti-Poverty Week Statement which highlights the “poverty premiums” paid by South Australians on the lowest incomes. These are the extra costs on those living in poverty that others with higher income or more resources can buy their way out of, avoid or minimise. 

The SACOSS Statement gives examples of 10 poverty premiums in energy, telecommunications, banking, government charges, and in ordinary shopping. The premiums can be extensive with examples of poverty purchases being 30% to 50% more than the cost for those with more money to spend, while other items have more than 5 times the impact on the household budget of those living in poverty.

Liberal’s energy plan: some good measures but not enough for low income people

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

SACOSS welcomes some of the reliability and security measures in Steven Marshall’s energy plan, but we are concerned that the plan’s solar battery centrepiece delivers little benefit for the poorest South Australians.

SACOSS Senior Policy Officer Jo De Silva says, “The Liberal Party has today announced a $100 million Home Storage Subsidy Scheme but people on very low incomes cannot afford to install solar panels, and therefore won’t be able to take advantage of the $2500 subsidy.”

Over 100,000 South Australian households in housing stress: Report suggests rental costs could be state election issue

Monday, 7 August 2017

The South Australian Council of Social Service’s latest Cost of Living Update released today utilises recent Census data to highlight the problem of housing affordability and includes a breakdown of consumer housing stress by state electorate.

Housing stress is where a household spends more than 30% of its income on housing costs and it is a key indicator of financial hardship and risk of homelessness. 

SA still years behind in addressing digital disadvantage

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Data released today shows that South Australia still lags the nation in addressing digital disadvantage. 

The 2017 Australian Digital Inclusion Index, published by RMIT, was launched today in Melbourne.  It measures 8 aspects of digital inclusion, giving each of them a score out of 100. 

The 2017 data shows that digital inclusion in South Australia improved by 2.4 points over the last year, but SA still has the lowest score for all mainland states and territories. 

Census Data shows SA lags on home internet access

Monday, 10 July 2017

& Premier’s electorate the most digitally disconnected in Adelaide!

A SACOSS analysis of recent Census data shows the Premier’s electorate of Cheltenham has the lowest rate of households accessing the internet in Adelaide.

But that’s by no means the only bad news for Jay Weatherill – as a whole South Australia lagged behind the national average in online connectivity. There was also a clear regional disadvantage with country areas faring worse than metro ones.

This new data shows:

SACOSS urges Libs to fix flawed Child Safety Bill should they form Gov in March

Thursday, 6 July 2017

SACOSS is deeply disappointment with the Legislative Council’s decision, made in the early hours of the morning, not to reject the Government’s Children and Young People (Safety) Bill. And we urge the Liberal Party to fix this flawed legislation should they form Government early next year.

Ross Womersley, SACOSS CEO, says, “With an election in March, we urge all parties to bring forward strong policy platforms in this arena and encourage the Liberal Party, should it have the opportunity to form government to commit to a thorough review of this whole area of concern.” 

Big funding shake-up for community orgs: Treasurer's good news for social services, sport, arts and environment

Thursday, 29 June 2017

The South Australian Council of Social Service, together with Volunteering SA & NT, Conservation SA, the Arts Industry Council SA and Sport SA have welcomed the changes to funding for SA community organisations announced today.
At the SACOSS Post-Budget Breakfast this morning, the Treasurer announced that State Government will now provide full indexation on not-for-profit funding contracts. From July 1, 2017, all contracts will have full indexation included. 

Gov set to progress flawed child safety bill on Budget Day

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Government will likely attempt to progress the flawed Child Safety Bill on Budget Day today.  SACOSS and an alliance of experts have welcomed the intervention of the Opposition, Greens and other cross bench MLCs, particularly the Liberal Party’s recently proposed amendments. However we are calling on Parliament to delay the passage of this Bill until promised prevention and early intervention measures are drafted.
In response to criticism, the Government had promised a second complementary Bill to prevent child abuse and neglect, but there has been limited progress on this front. The alliance continues to stress that investments in services and activities which can intervene early to prevent children and young people reaching the point where they need to be removed from their families, are fundamental to the successful reform of our child protection system.

SACOSS welcomes boost to jobs and revenue - but says no attention to digital inclusion, early intervention and vulnerable people

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The South Australian Council of Social Service says today’s State Budget with its focus on jobs and revenue is welcome but we are disappointed there is no attention on opportunities for growth through the digital economy, no real initiatives directed to helping low income households, nor any funding for prevention activities in health and child protection. 

Time for a reality check? Budget bottom lines can’t meet community expectations

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Next month’s State Budget will struggle to meet community expectations with a survey released today by the South Australian Council of Social Service showing that most South Australians want a boost to public spending, particularly on health, education and community services. At the same time the public wants lower state taxes, and with a forecast decline in real terms in the coming years in Government revenue and expenditure, there is no way this can add up.

New Survey Finds Surprising Support for Inheritance Taxes and Gambling Tax Reform

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Results of a new survey released today should give fresh impetus to reform of state taxes according to the South Australian Council of Social Service. SACOSS commissioned independent pollsters, Mint Research, to survey 1,000 South Australians on their attitudes and understandings of state taxes, and on their views of a number of specific reform proposals. The results are contained in the SACOSS report, Unfinished Business: Two Years on from South Australia’s Tax Review released today.

Productivity Commission must take affordability seriously in telecommunications inquiry

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Key telecommunication consumer and social welfare groups today called on the Productivity Commission to consider more fully affordability issues in the Inquiry on the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation.

The national peak body for communications consumers, the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), backed the submission from the South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) to the Inquiry. SACOSS argues that the Commission’s Draft Report and recommendations underestimate the challenges faced by many Australian households in paying for telecommunications.

SACOSS reacts to Gov’s Nyland response: still some question marks over early intervention

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

SACOSS welcomes today’s response by the government to the Nyland Child Protection Systems Royal Commission report.

We commend the openness of the approach taken by government in tabling their response and encouraging its close consideration by the community and stakeholders. We welcome the chance to consider the Children and Young People (Safety) Bill 2016 before it reaches the Parliament and we trust there will be opportunities to build sincere bipartisan support going forward in reforming our child protection system.

Telecommunications affordability report shows those on low incomes missing out

Thursday, 3 November 2016

A major report into telecommunications affordability today launched jointly by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) and the South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS). highlights-concerns about low-income consumers in staying connected to telecommunications services .  

200,000 people in SA live in poverty

Sunday, 16 October 2016

The SA Anti-Poverty Week Facilitation Group (of which SACOSS is a member) welcomes the release today of ACOSS' groundbreaking Poverty Report 2016 which shows the alarming extent of poverty across Australia.

According to the report, 3 million Australians, or 13.3% of the population, live below the poverty line*. Even more alarming are the statistics on child poverty which shows a rate of 17.4% of children (731,000 in total) living in poverty.

SACOSS releases Cost of Living Report & data showing poor people cutting back on essentials like food

Thursday, 4 August 2016

The South Australian Council of Social Service today released its latest Cost of Living Update, including a survey of over 500 low income households. The survey findings, which come against a backdrop of further social security cuts, show that respondents are suffering significant financial pressure and deprivation, and are being forced to cut-back on essential items including food, utilities and medical treatment.

SACOSS calls for thorough community consultation before implementation of Nyland Report

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Royal Commissioner Margaret Nyland is due to release her Child Protection Systems Report this Friday, August 5, 2016, and the South Australian Council of Social Service is urging the Government not to move towards implementation of any recommendations without due consultation.
SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley says, "It is imperative that the Government not act unilaterally on the implementation of Justice Nyland's recommendations. History shows that in so many instances Royal Commission recommendations have not been successfully implemented".

Losing the Jackpot: $111m blow to state budget from declining gambling revenue

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A new report released today by the South Australian Council of Social Services highlights growing pressures on the state budget from declining gambling tax revenues – but it is not necessarily good news for gamblers or the community.

The SACOSS report notes that gambling taxes are the fifth biggest source of state taxes ($388m in 2014-15), but estimates that in real terms gambling tax revenue is now $111 a year less than it was a decade ago.

Budget fails on Newstart, housing affordability and community services

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley has welcomed last night’s Budget Statement from ACOSS and noted that while there were several welcome initiatives (eg addressing superannuation tax breaks for the rich, getting global companies to pay their fair share of tax and changing work for the dole), he felt the most concerning thing was the absence of any discussion and intervention on three main fronts. 

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