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Latest internet use data shows SA still lagging- 15% of South Australians don’t use the internet

A Fact Sheet released by the South Australian Council of Social Service shows that 15% of South Australians don’t use the internet, 17.5% of South Australian households don’t have internet access at home, and South Australia lags behind the Australian average in most categories of internet use. The Fact Sheet is based on the latest ABS data on household internet use.

Key findings:

  • 15% of South Australians, and 13.5% of all Australians do not use the internet
  • South Australian households have an average of 5.9 internet connected devices per household (national average: 6.2)
  • Over three-quarters of South Australian internet users use it for banking, for social networking, and for entertainment
  • Almost half of those South Australians purchasing goods and services online buy travel or fashion items (ie. clothes, cosmetics and jewellery)

SACOSS CEO, Ross Womersley said, “Internet use is important because it allows people to participate in an increasingly digital society”. 

“With government, education, employment, commerce and culture all increasingly happening online, those who are not accessing the internet could fall behind socially and economically. 

“They might struggle to find jobs, get services or stay connected to friends and community – or they may pay more for services as banks, utilities and governments often give discounts or privilege online payment or access.”

“The fact that 15% of South Australians aren’t using the internet may mean that where government and companies close shopfronts and move services online, they may simply be ignoring or disenfranchising 15% of customers and citizens.”

“People may not be using the internet for a variety of reasons, including barriers to access, affordability, lack of digital skills or not knowing what is available and possible online. 

“But the fact that South Australia lags behind the national average in most internet use data also highlights the need for a state digital inclusion strategy. In the lead up to the state election, the Liberal Party promised that if elected they would develop such a strategy and we look forward to working with the government to ensure that all South Australians can participate in a digital world.”

Published Date: 
Monday, 4 June 2018