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Information Technology

To provide the best quality support and services to vulnerable and disadvantaged people, organisations need good systems - including good IT.  Infoxchange and ACOSS are working together to create Community Sector ‘Digital Business Kits’ designed to support not for profit organisations (NFPs) to use innovative digital and broadband-enabled platforms to engage with clients, publicise products and services, and enhance business processes. The kits include tutorials and case studies that show how connecting to high-speed broadband can improve interactions with customers and suppliers, support cloud computing and reach new clients.

The digital business kits can be found on a new website, ImproveIT, which also has the capacity for discussion between organisations about technology problems and solutions. All materials on ImproveIT are free to use and available for re-use on your member groups’ websites and in their newsletters. They are written specifically for community groups and include the following:

Kit Name and Hyperlink Description

Broadband internet

Using the internet to serve your clients and run your organisation better

Successfully implementing teleworking in a community organisation

Why and how to get more staff members working outside the office

Developing a plan to take advantage of information and communication technology

Planning the future of your technology can save you money and time: here’s how

Developing a rich media website

How to use photos, infographics, video and other media to make your website work harder

Optimising search engine results

If you’ve put in the effort to make a new website, you want people to be able to find it. This guide will help

Protecting your information from online threats

Online security is a complex and rapidly changing area, but there are some simple, important things you should do

Managing your online reputation

Find out how to make sure internet users see your organisation the way you want them to

Published Date: 
Thursday, 6 November 2014