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SACOSS Liveable Futures Conference: Towards Climate Justice & Social Equity

Climate change is very much in the spotlight, with local and national advocacy around what is needed both for our planet and our future.

The health and community services sector has been speaking out for fair, fast and inclusive climate action, and various organisations are stepping up through measures such as Climate Active certification.

We have dedicated this conference (our 11th in the series) to some of the important conversations about climate and the future.

We'll be looking at not only the work of community organisations, but the move to net zero; energy and climate justice; green infrastructure and social equity; redesigning an accessible, affordable transport system; water justice; and the future of gas.

When: 18 November, 9am-4.45pm
Where: Hilton Adelaide

Community, health and social service organisations, as well as Government and industry, have a critical role to play to ensure an inclusive climate future, as South Australia continues its transition to renewable energy and other sectors begin to decarbonise. 

And everyone in our community has a role to play in the critical discussions about 'what next'.

There are new opportunities to redesign our residential, transport, water, community and other industry sectors to ensure a decarbonised economy is inclusive and does not leave people behind. The Liveable Futures conference will explore how the low carbon transition can address existing disadvantage by including the experiences and voices of those most impacted by climate change.

Energy and water justice are at the forefront of changes that are needed, with accessible and affordable transport systems and greening new developments also part of the agenda.

What does an equitable future look like and how can the social services sector work closely with government and industry to ensure a sustainable future for all in our community?

Our Liveable Futures Conference offers great speakers and a range of interesting and informative sessions to choose from, as well as time to network and connect with people in person, and across sectors.

Please register and join us on the day if you are able, and help spread the word within your network.

It should be a great event, and an important opportunity to hear from diverse voices on these critical topics.

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