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Energy & Water

Adelaide Utility PricesElectricity is a basic human necessity and essential service: no-one should be cut off because they can’t afford to pay. High expenditure and low incomes is a recipe for high disconnections. Ordinary households are genuinely struggling with ‘bill shock’ when their power bills arrive - it’s even worse for those who are more vulnerable. SACOSS is campaigning to highlight that there is much that can be done to keep the power connected.  In particular:

  • The energy concession paid to vulnerable households needs to keep up and be made a percentage of the bill
  • An independent umpire would help negotiate better outcomes between retailers and consumers

The SACOSS work on electricity disconnections is part of an ongoing program of work related to energy and water. The focus is on preventing financial hardship, achieving affordability, facilitating social and financial health and wellbeing, and supporting government and businesses in dealing with their customers and communities.

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