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Current Campaigns

SACOSS campaigns on a wide range of issues affecting our sector or impacting on vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Our major current campaigns are:

Cost of Living Relief
Rising prices for basic necessities (eg. housing, food, utilities, health, transport) impact on all households, but can cause particular hardship and poverty for those on low incomes. SACOSS advocates for policies to relieve cost of living pressures for low income households.

Energy and Water
In the face of massive industry changes and rapidly rising prices, SACOSS campaigns to ensure that all South Australians have access to energy and water and so that the interests of vulnerable consumers are represented in public policy debates.

A Fair and Adequate Tax System
Taxes are the way we pay for the public goods and services our community needs, as well as financing the income support for those without incomes or adequate incomes. SACOSS campaigns to ensure that the tax system collects enough revenue to pay for the necessary goods and services, and to ensure that tax is collected fairly so that those with the greatest capacity pay contribute the most.

Anti-Poverty Week
Each year, national Anti-Poverty Week provides an opportunity to focus on poverty and inequality and SACOSS traditionally holds events or activities and issues a major statement on poverty in South Australia.